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Studio 5: Pint Sized Praise

Caleb Serrano is the little kid with the big voice, attracting people from around the world. America's Got Talent...

Same Sex Attraction and the Bible

Landon Schott explains specifically what the Bible says about same sex attraction.

Are People Born Gay?

Landon Schott shares why people aren’t really born gay.

Christians and Homosexuals

Landon Schott teaches on how Christians should deal with homosexuals.

Can I Be a Gay Christian?

Landon Schott answers the question: “Can a Christian be gay”?

Looking For a Place to Retire? Don't Overlook this Mississippi Town

Looking For a Place to Retire? Don't Overlook this Mississippi Town

Bigwig Candidates Make Case for Israel at AIPAC Conference

The annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference always attracts a bi-partisan "Tier A" list of political bigwigs looking...

Bring It On-Line: The Spark

My husband and I have always had a great supportive relationship and we've always been totally in love. All...

China Loves Superbook

Mengen first saw Superbook in Mandarin Chinese. Now she can’t wait to share it with other children! What attracts...

Same-Sex Ministry in an Age of Gay Marriage

Since the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage, churches are re-thinking ministry to those with same-sex attraction. What they're finding...

No More Right to Same-Sex Attraction Therapy?

A Jewish counseling center will defend its right to help clients with unwanted same-sex attraction in a New Jersey...

Speak Spanish or Jesus: The New Latino Vote

Presidential contenders will need to attract a more diverse crowd than ever and that includes the evangelical vote. Here's...

'Psychology Today' Reverses Gay Therapy Stance

The magazine Psychology Today has reversed its position and will not allow therapists to place ads offering to help...

Bring It On-Line: Millennial Generation

I have seen a big push by churches to attract more millennials. What do you think the church should...

Radicalized: ISIS Propaganda Attracting American Youth

Radicalized: ISIS Propaganda Attracting American Youth

A Prison Sentence Finally Makes Him into the Man His Parents Prayed For

Miqueas was attracted to fast money, and soon was involved in many criminal schemes. Even after he was sentenced...

RFID Opening Doors for Mark of the Beast?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) identifies people or things and transmits information through microchips. Are there biblical implications to this...