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The 700 Club - June 9, 2016

Author Bonnie Floyd discusses the challenging path to forgiveness she experienced after her parents were killed. Plus, Detroit Lions...

Forgiveness After Living Through a Nightmare

When author Bonnie Floyd’s parents were murdered, she faced a tough choice. Would she obey the Lord’s command to forgive?

Palestinian Cousins Kill Four, Injure 16 in Tel Aviv Attack

Palestinian Cousins Kill Four, Injure 16 in Tel Aviv Attack

Calling A Million to Washington's Mall

Author and speaker Nick Hall challenges Christians who have been distracted by cultured to focus on Jesus, and will...

Inserting Faith Into Culture

Author David Kinnaman shares ideas on bringing faith into conversations in today’s cultural climate of increasing hostility towards Christians.

Third Generation "Duck Dynasty" Star Toes Family Faith Line

TV Star and author John Luke Robertson will discuss faith, life, and what he's learned since stepping out of...

Anne Graham Lotz: 'America Is In Danger If Church Doesn't Wake Up'

Anne Graham Lotz: 'America Is In Danger If Church Doesn't Wake Up'

Your Past Doesn't Disqualify Your Destiny

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, co-host of The 700 Club Canada and author, will share her story of how she thought...

700 Club Interactive - A Story Worth Living - May 18, 2016

Author John Eldredge and his sons experience an epic motorcycle adventure.

Author John Eldredge’s Big Adventure

Author John Eldredge shares his experience of the epic motorcycle adventure he took with his sons.

The 700 Club - May 12, 2016

Discover the tools you need for a second chance in life with author Pat Smith. Plus, a pain pill...

Life’s Second Chances

Author Pat Smith, wife of NFL great Emmitt Smith, shares how God gave her a second chance after a...

700 Club Interactive - Steadfast Love - May 11, 2016

Hard times are inevitable for all of us, Author Lauren Chandler shares how when life-shattering storms come your way,...

Finding Stability During Turmoil

Author Lauren Chandler shares of God’s faithfulness and steadfast love she experienced when her husband was given two years...

The 700 Club - May 10, 2016

Author Lauren Chandler talks about God’s faithfulness. Plus, NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers knows the secret to success is being...

Responding to the Cries of Our Heart

Lauren Chandler, author of "Steadfast Love" will tell of God’s faithfulness and love when her husband was given two...

The Birth of Unstoppable Evil

Brennan McPherson, author of “Cain,” shares insights on his book chronicling the first murder recorded in the Bible.

The 700 Club - May 9, 2016

Author Brenna McPherson discusses his novel about Cain and Abel. Plus, a narcotics detective can’t escape his own addiction...