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The 700 Club - October 17, 2016

Best-selling author Andrew Klavan reveals the greatest story he’s ever heard. Plus, a father is paralyzed while playing with...

Agnostic Jew Becomes Joyful Christian

Internationally bestselling author, Andrew Klavan sits down with Scott Ross to discuss his transformation from agnostic Jew to faithful...

It's Not Too Late To Come Home

New York Times best-selling author, Charles Martin shares the story of the prodigal son for those wondering if it's...

Author Jonathan Cahn Opens “The Book of Mysteries"

Novelist and Messianic Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn, uncovers the deep mysteries of God’s Word in his latest book “The Book...

Jonathan Cahn Uncovers New Biblical Mysteries

Author Jonathan Cahn discusses his new book that takes readers on an adventure through Scripture to reveal spiritual truths,...

The 700 Club - October 10, 2016

From the author of best-seller, “The Harbinger,” learn the secrets of the Bible that will change your life. Jonathan...

Is This The End?

Author and pastor Dr. David Jeremiah discusses end times and how there is always hope to turn the nation...

'He Was a Great Man of Israel.' Shimon Peres Laid to Rest

'He Was a Great Man of Israel.' Shimon Peres Laid to Rest

Israeli Archaeologists: King Hezekiah Really Did Destroy Idols

Israeli Archaeologists: King Hezekiah Really Did Destroy Idols

Deepen Your Faith Beyond Religion

Author and pastor Brandon Hatmaker says it's time to trade shallow religion for a deeper faith.

Why Deepening Your Faith is Critically Important

TV Host and author, Brandon Hatmaker, will discuss developing a deeper faith that grows as we expand our view...

A Secular Jew Comes To Faith In Jesus Christ

Best-selling author and award winning writer, Andrew Klavan, discusses being a secular Jew and coming to Christ out of Hollywood.

The 700 Club - September 20, 2016

New Orleans Saints running back Tim Hightower discusses his ascent to the NFL, his fall and resurrection. Plus, author...

Turning Point - September 21, 2016

Best-selling author John Bevere explains why good without God is not enough. Plus, A black man is told he...

700 Club Interactive - Breaking Busy - September 13, 2016

“Breaking Busy” author Alli Worthington shows us how to find peace and purpose in a world of crazy.

700 Club Interactive - Steadfast Love - September 9, 2016

Hard times are inevitable for all of us, Author Lauren Chandler shares how when life-shattering storms come your way,...

Muyiwa Upside-down: British Singer and Host of Turing Point International

British Singer and Host of Turing Point International, Muyiwa, Transparently shares his story and the reason why he sales hope!

The 700 Club - August 26, 2016

A baby develops a hole in his heart. Discover why this couple refused to abort and how they saved...