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Relaunch Your Organization with a New Vision

Oral Roberts University President and author Dr. Mark Rutland shares insights on how he helped steer the school out...

CBN NewsWatch: May 23, 2013

On Newswatch, May 23: British authorities want to know if London beheading is part of a wider terror plot,...

Realizing Your Dream!

Chanze didn’t have much growing up, but she did have a big dream. See how her dream became a...

In the Green Room with Kylie Bisutti

Former Victoria Secret model, Kylie Bisutii and her husband, Mike discuss love, life, and real beauty.

Model Kylie Bisutti Redefines Beauty

Former Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisutti discusses her transition out of modeling because of the conflict between her faith...

Ducks, Decoys, and Divine Faith

Phil and Kay Robertson of the hit A&E television program Duck Dynasty join Terry Meeuwsen to share how their...

Dream Interpretation According to the Bible

Author Barbie Breathitt reveals how dreams can bring direction to people's lives.

Dr. Henry Cloud: Leading with Boundaries

Psychologist and author Dr. Henry Cloud discusses his latest book, "Boundaries for Leaders."


Three Iraqi children came to Israel this month for open-heart surgery. Israel has no diplomatic ties with Iraq, yet...

Caring For The Orphaned in America

Head of the Christian Alliance for Orphans shares insights on the foster care system.

King Herod's Quarry Uncovered

King Herod's Quarry Uncovered

The Politics Surrounding Jesus' Crucifixion

Author Stephen Mansfield revisits the political intrigue and religious corruption of Jesus' crucifixion from his latest book, "Killing Jesus."

Two People, One God and Hope for a Lost City

Two People, One God and Hope for a Lost City

Two People, One God and Hope for a Lost City

Statistics show that Camden, N.J is more violent than the infamous Chicago. Still, some longtime residents say their struggling...

Best-selling Author Guided by Faith

Regent alum and best selling author of, "Unwritten," Charles Martin shares how faith has shaped his career.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez: The Connection Between Obedience and Service

Author Samuel Rodriguez discusses the connection between Godly obedience and service to others.

How Prayer Can Reach the Nations

Author and evangelist Daniel Kolenda shares how God is reaching the nations in 2013.

Author Eric Metaxas Reveals Seven Great Men of God

Award-winning author visits The 700 Club to share about his new book, "Seven Men."