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Mundo Cristiano: Deciembre 9, 2016

Destacados lideres Cristianos de Latin America se reunen con el primer ministro de Israel B. Netanyahu. Iglesia evangelica en el...

Faith Leaders React to Trump Victory: Mainstream Media Plot 'Backfired'

Faith Leaders React to Trump Victory: Mainstream Media Plot 'Backfired'



Jerusalem Dateline: Russia in Syria: Shifting Mideast Power Balance? 10/07/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: could Russian battle in Syria shift Mideast power balance? plus B-D-S history -- its...

Keeping Rhythm with B Haley

Go behind the scenes with B Haley, drummer for Toby Mac.

CBN NewsWatch: April 11, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, April 11: Belgian terror arrests highlight Europe's security nightmare; Christian pharmacy forced to stock Plan B...

Faith on the Field: How God Spoke to One Man Through 'Rocky'

"Creed," the seventh installment of the iconic "Rocky" film series, continues to land knockout punches at the box office.

ISIS Underground Highway at America's Doorstep?

Hamas tunnels dug under the Israel's border evokes frightening images straight out of a grade-B zombie movie. But one...

GOP Nominees and Abortion: Where the Candidates Stand

Round one of the Republican debate brought many issues to the table with candidates varying their stances across the...

700 Club Interactive: Marriage Matters – August 5, 2015

M-L-B All-Star Player Andy Benes racked up wins, strikeouts and many accolades, but lost his biggest fans, his own family.

The 700 Club - August 3, 2015

Find out the story behind R&B music legend Charlie Wilson’s comeback from homelessness and addition. Also, Millie was crippled...

Charlie Wilson’s Last Chance

Once homeless after his career came crashing down, R&B legend Charlie Wilson beat addiction and spent the past 20...

WA Pharmacists Must Dispense Plan B Despite Beliefs

A federal appeals court has ruled that pharmacists in Washington state have to provide Plan B and other abortion-inducing...

20-Week Abortion Ban Makes Its Way to Senate

The U.S. Senate will soon debate whether America can in good conscience continue to abort unborn babies 20 weeks...

20-Week Abortion Ban Makes Its Way to Senate

20-Week Abortion Ban Makes Its Way to Senate

VIDEO: Miles de mexicanos son testigos del poder de Dios en evento de milagros

Dirigido por el pastor nigeriano T.B. Joshua.

King of Blues B.B. King Dead at 89

B.B. King, the man known as the King of Blues, has died at age 89.

Pro-Life Movement Sick of Getting 'No Respect'

When the GOP took Congress, pro-lifers thought it would lead to immediate action on abortion. So far, nothing's changed. Some say...