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Drugs, Suicide and Rock n’ Roll

Fronting a rock band in the 90’s was awesome for David, until the resulting drug addiction had him on...

MercyMe’s Bart Millard Shares the Story of “Flawless”

Bart Millard, frontman for contemporary Christian band MercyMe, shares the story behind their latest song “Flawless.”

The Making of MercyMe’s “Flawless” Video

Go behind the scenes of the video for contemporary Christian band MercyMe’s latest song “Flawless.”

700 Club Interactive: Before You Were Born - October 15, 2014

A former band member from “Kansas” is back – this time writing a song that’s been described as a...

Ebola Spreads, World Leaders Band Together

Ebola Spreads, World Leaders Band Together

The 700 Club - September 24, 2014

Award-winning worship leader Paul Wilbur and his band will perform a song from his latest album. Plus, Coach Bobby...

El rockero Charly Bostik le dio un vuelco a su vida.

El mundo del espectáculo pueda tener toda la apariencia de gozo y felicidad, pero muchas veces disfraza otra realidad:...

Prison Musician Finds Hope Behind Bars

Mark was traumatized by abusive women as a child. Eventually his pain erupted into a violent crime that resulted...

The 700 Club - Nov. 28, 2013

Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher shares with CBN Sports how he finally accepted God's direction for his life. Plus...


The U.S. military raid on Somalia after the terrorist attack on a Nairobi mall is putting the terrorist group...

Juan Bendl: La locura como estilo de vida.

A principio de los '90 surgió en México "La Castañeda", banda de rock famosa por sus polémicos conciertos, donde...

Film 'One Direction' Highlights Boy Band Phenom

Film 'One Direction' Highlights Boy Band Phenom

Lap Band Surgery in a Seed? Docs Rave About Chia

Lap Band Surgery in a Seed? Docs Rave About Chia

Lap Band Surgery in a Seed? Docs Rave About Chia

We'd all like to know the secret to staying healthy and living longer. Doctors say it's about making smart...

Club 700 Hoy: Mayo 5, 2013 #409

Los integrantes de la banda colombiana Pescao Vivo, nos hablan de su trayectoria, su música, y comparten con nosotros...

Beto Silva e Israel Hermosillo: Conoces mi corazón.

Beto Silva e Israel Hermosillo integrantes del dúo mexicano "Mi ciudad anhelada", interpretan juntos "Conoces mi corazón".

Club 700 Hoy: Marzo 10, 2013 #401

Fabian Liendo, líder de la Banda "Kyosco", nos relata los inicios de esta reconocida banda de rock cristiana, su...

Fabian Liendo en Club 700 Hoy.

En esta entrevisa, el argentino Fabián Liendo, relata los inicios de la banda de rock cristiano KYOSCO, la cual...