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Suspects in Beating of White, Mentally Disabled Man Charged with Hate Crime

Suspects in Beating of White, Mentally Disabled Man Charged with Hate Crime

CBN NewsWatch: January 6, 2017

On CBN Newswatch, January 6: Suspects in beating of white, mentally disabled man charged with hate crime; Alveda King...

Attackers Beat, Torture Man while Shouting Anti-White Slurs

Attackers Beat, Torture Man while Shouting Anti-White Slurs

Depressed woman finds spiritual healing after suicide attempt almost claimed her

Beating 10 to 1 odds she healed physically, but she didn’t think spiritual healing was possible until one church service.

Prayer, New Technology Beating the Odds against Cancer

Ten years ago, doctors had no idea of the technology on the horizon that would help them take on...

700 Club Interactive: Beating the Odds - March 21, 2016

A child of thalidomide tells us why she’s ‘unarmed but dangerous’!

The 700 Club - March 17, 2016

An insurance scam put him behind bars, but Carmine's unconventional approach to beating the rap is inspirational. Plus, an...

700 Club Interactive - Beating Depression - March 11, 2016

Gospel recording artist Richard Smallwood shares his struggle with clinical depression.

Beating a Recession by Giving Away More

CBN Partners Alan and Julie gave faithfully, even in the midst of recession. See how God gave back when...

Iran Officials Step Up Torture against Soon-to-Be-Released Pastor

Iranian secret police are reportedly beating imprisoned Iranian Pastor Benham Irani as he nears the end of his prison sentence.

Trump Clobbers Rivals in Nevada; Rubio Wins Second Place

Donald Trump is one step closer to the GOP nomination after a big victory in the Nevada caucuses. Meanwhile,...

Beating Cancer: How Cutting Sugar Reversed One Man's Death Sentence

Scientists believe two-thirds of all cancers are caused by bad choices such as smoking, tanning beds, not exercising and...

Faith on the Field: Earl Smith's Journey from Drugs to NBA Chaplain

It appears the Golden State Warriors can't be beat. Tuesday night, the Warriors extended their record-breaking streak to 23...

How Bob Beckel Survived Addiction: 'But for God, I'd Be Dead'

Bob Beckel has had his hands in Washington politics for more than four decades. But as he explains in...

Gen. Michael Flynn: America Is at War

In an interview with CBN's Senior International Correspondent George Thomas, Gen. Michael Flynn says America is at war and...

Teen Fatally Beaten at NY Church; Parents Charged

Police in New Hartford, New York, say two teenage brothers were brutally beaten in church and one of them died.

Boykin: Green Beret 'a Hero' for Beating Child Rapist

A Green Beret is about to be kicked out of the Army for beating up an Afghan police commander...

The Truth Will Set You Free

After Carmine’s athletic dreams crash because of injuries, he participates in an insurance scam that puts him behind bars....