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Confronting an Alcoholic Father

Shimpy dropped out of school after her dad lost his job and couldn't pay her tuition. Her parents were...

Bring It On-Line: Chairman Out of Order

I've been a church secretary for nine years. I've worked with five ministers who have all left over eldership...

Bring It On-Line: Second Coming

I am a born-again believer who is becoming more & more distressed about my husband's lack of self-control over...

TLC Pulls '19 Kids' Amid Josh Duggar Reports

The oldest child from the TLC series "19 Kids And Counting" is responding to reports of inappropriate behavior 12...

Christian Colleges' Moral Standards Taking Heat

Christian colleges often require students and faculty to sign a statement committing to certain beliefs and behaviors. Today, some schools...

Oklahoma U. Expels Two Students over Racist Chant

A fraternity is no longer on the University of Oklahoma's campus after a video of a racist chant by...

Study: Teen Drug Use Down, 'Vaping' Up

Study: Teen Drug Use Down, 'Vaping' Up

How Do You Learn Best? Look at Your Hands!

How Do You Learn Best? Look at Your Hands!

The 700 Club - October 10, 2014

Learn how exercise strengthens your body's ability to fend-off attacks by unhealthy bacteria and viruses. Plus, New York Giants...

Giants Running Back Making a Name for Himself in New York

Rashad Jennings is an impressive force on the New York Giants, but while many of his NFL peers make...

US Lawmakers: ISIS a 'Direct Threat' to the Homeland

US Lawmakers: ISIS a 'Direct Threat' to the Homeland

Colo. Docs Seeing Rise in Newborn Pot Exposure

Colo. Docs Seeing Rise in Newborn Pot Exposure

Misguided Man Assaults Father with Hammer

Believing he was the next level of human evolution, David didn’t need to follow normal social behavior. This...

The 700 Club - June 4, 2014

Unresolved wounds from Kasey’s past lead to destructive behaviors in her marriage. Plus, best-selling author Josh McDowell shares his...

A Husband’s Love Overcomes Wayward Wife

When unresolved wounds from Kasey’s past led to destructive behaviors in her marriage, her husband’s grace and love made...

Reconciling with a Repeat Cheater

Tony and Rosa's marriage faced many challenges including drug addiction, porn addiction and infidelity. See how forgiveness led to...

Behind the scenes of Duck the Halls Christmas CD

We take you behind-the-scenes of the Robertson family recording their Duck The Halls Christmas album

The First Ladies of Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty’s Robertson wives share family Christmas traditions.