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Clerk Prefers Jail to Issuing Licenses to Gay Couples

County Clerk Casey Davis insists he cannot be forced to do something that violates his religious beliefs.

Cal State Reinstates InterVarsity Ministry

Nearly a year after moving off all California State University campuses after being asked to open leadership positions to...

Christian Bakers: Ruling Should Scare Every American

Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Christian bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple in...

A World Where Gay Marriage Is Law of the Land

Many high court observers think since gay marriage is already legal in several states, the justices might decide to make it...

Bring It On-Line: America and the Great Commission

It's my understanding that religious freedom in the founding of America was for the fulfilling of the Great Commission-not...

Be Healed and Believe

Gordon ministers on faith and healing.

Military Chaplains Orders: Follow Policy, Not Scripture

Today's global war with ISIS is all about faith and ideas. But with one Navy chaplain in danger of...

Pastors Facing Death Sentence: 'We're Not Afraid'

Two South Sudanese pastors possibly facing execution in Sudan said they are not afraid to die. They've been charged...

CBN News Sunday: Big Names Defend Chaplain Modder

On CBN News Sunday, April 12: Lawmakers and retired Gen. Jerry Boykin are defending Navy Chaplain Wes Modder who...

Lawmakers Back Navy Chaplain Facing Discharge

A Navy chaplain facing discharge for expressing his biblical beliefs during private counseling sessions is getting some help from...

Bring It On-Line: Mahdi

I am an esthetician specializing in making permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos for women who want to enhance the...

What Is Easter?

The 700 Club’s Scott Ross hits the streets to ask people what they know about Easter.

Christian Colleges' Moral Standards Taking Heat

Christian colleges often require students and faculty to sign a statement committing to certain beliefs and behaviors. Today, some schools...

Do You Know What ISIS Is?

The 700 Club’s Scott Ross takes to the streets to find out people’s opinions of ISIS.

Hercules Business Wins Case against HHS Mandate

A family business in Denver has won a big victory in their legal battle against the birth control coverage...

Do You Believe in God?

The 700 Club’s Scott Ross takes to the streets to find out what people believe about God…if they believe...

Christian Bakers: We Won't 'Compromise on God's Truth'

Christian Bakers: We Won't 'Compromise on God's Truth'

Military Chaplains the New 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell?'

Military Chaplains the New 'Dont Ask, Don't Tell?'