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Club 700 Hoy: Agosto 10, 2014 #474

Miguel Leitón, orientador estudiantil de Enfoque a la Familia, nos da valiosos consejos sobre como ayudar a nuestros hijos...

El Palacio de Belas Artes de México

Hoy te invitamos a conocer un lugar cuya función es preservar las joyas de la cultura de México, pero...

A Boat For Bella

Single mom, Bella, had no income after her water taxi was stolen. Learn the three things the brought her...

RI Man Sues to Silence Bells at Catholic Church

RI Man Sues to Silence Bells at Catholic Church

'Love Wins' Author Rob Bell Supports Gay Marriage

'Love Wins' Author Rob Bell Supports Gay Marriage

Jingle Bells

The Denver Mile High Orchestra performs the Christmas classic, 'Jingle Bells.'

Review: 'Breaking Dawn- Part 2' Caps Twilight Saga

Review: 'Breaking Dawn- Part 2' Caps Twilight Saga

The Financial Strategy Proven to Work

Gary and Carol have consistently experienced financial provision in their lives. Even through the tough economy, they have profited...

No insurance, No Problem For God

After injuring his hand Stephen Marvin was left with what doctor's call, "trigger finger". Without medical insurance to cover...

Katie Zephir: 106 Pounds Lighter

She ballooned up to 260 pounds at her heaviest. Today, she's a half marathon runner. See how this make-up...

Sexual Junk Food: Porn's Degrading Effects

A group of scholars, scientists, and psychologists are sounding alarm bells that pornography is more harmful to society than...

Christmas Bells Ring in Beijing

Although China is officially an atheist state, in recent years it has allowed people to celebrate this very significant...

Liberty Bell Offers Lesson in History

The Liberty Bell is still one of America's most important symbols of freedom, 230 years later. It has not...

Beyond The Crusades

Former Time Magazine Senior Correspondent and prolific author David Aikman joins The 700 Club to share more about a...

Eduardo Verastegui: The Man Behind Bella

Kristi Watts talks to Bella's leading man and finds out why he's so captivated by the movie's message.

It's Okay. Wish Me a Merry Christmas!

As the debate over songs, symbols and even colors abounds, Tartar's Wish Me a Merry Christmas Campaign appeals...

An Unlikely Champion for Life?

CBN News spoke with leading man Eduardo Verastegui about Bella and his own story that's as inspiring as the...

Barron Bell: The Ultimate Superhero

Barron is a comic book artist. He owes creativity to God and his education from Regent University.

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