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Bitter Winter Weather Battering the Northeast

Bitter Winter Weather Battering the Northeast

CBN News Today : Feb. 6, 2014

On CBN News Today, Feb. 6: Sochi on high alert as games get underway; Dirty hotels, water greet Olympic...


In Washington, DC, thousands of pro-life supporters braved snow and bitter cold for the 41st annual March for Life....

Rat Bites at Night

Eliana provided for her three small children by taking in laundry. Because she lived in poverty and could not...

Spider Bites

700 Club reporter Ken Hulme takes a “side-trip” to learn about a local delicacy in Cambodia. Tarantulas....

Seattle Seahawks' Russell Okung Reveals His Source of Strength

NFL Pro Bowl offensive lineman Russell Okung shares how, as a five year-old he was forced to deal with...

Paul Bitten By Snake

Paul is bitten by a snake, but experiences no harm.

The House from Heaven

Blanca and her twin sons lived in a house made out of bits of tin and plastic, and one...

Farmers' Almanac Predicts Brutally Cold Winter

Farmers' Almanac Predicts Brutally Cold Winter

Gift for a Siberian Seamstress

Living in a bitterly cold area of Siberia, Galina supported her two daughters and elderly mother for ten years...

Midwest, East Coast Wake up to Ice Box Temps

Midwest, East Coast Wake up to Ice Box Temps

Would You Risk a Snakebite for Polluted Water?

Katherine was terrified to get water from the polluted river where a snake’s bite almost killed her, but it...

Voice of Hope: Overcoming Unforgiveness

Pastor and author Riva Tims shares about the dangers of unforgiveness and why it is crucial to live a...

Bring It On: Is the Sabbath on Saturday?

How do you love someone who hates you? How does one know they have really forgiven each and every...

Sleeping with the Rats

Kitty is a little girl who lived at a garbage dump. She ate the food she found there...

700 Club Interactive: Kristi and Don - July 31, 2012

Former NFL player and 700 Club Interactive Guest Host Don Davis joins Kristi Watts as they share a bit...

Yaalon Bite

Yaalon Bite

Jay Carney Bite

Jay Carney Bite