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Toxic, Ugly Fish... Beware!

Luz and her four children live in a shack by a river in Peru. The water is polluted and...

Can You Trust God With Your Heart’s Desire?

Nine-year-old uses a surprising strategy to obtain his heart’s desire.

From Part-Time Passion to a Job—10 Times the Income

Ryan sees his coaching business take off after trying a new strategy.

Ticking Time bomb—A Home With Bad Wiring

Leo and his grandfather, Raul, lost everything when their house caught fire from bad wiring. See how CBN...


Christians across America gathered to pray and seek God's blessings during the National Day of Prayer. The 63rd annual...

Storm Departs, Leaves Behind a Flooded East Coast

Storm Departs, Leaves Behind a Flooded East Coast

Operation Blessing Food Distribution

Gordon Robertson accompanies a Operation Blessing Food Distribution in Tulsa where he meets Rondrea, a single mother struggling to...

La nueva casa de Luis

Luis y su familia vivían en una casa hecha de plástico. Su esposa enfermó y él perdio su trabajo...

La casa de Glendy

La casa de Glendy

The 700 Club - May 1, 2014

Pastor and author Jack Hayford discusses the strategies he has learned for engaging and defeating evil through prayer. Plus,...

Severe Flooding Wreaks Havoc Along East Coast

Severe Flooding Wreaks Havoc Along East Coast

New Ways to Grow Food

CBN’s Operation Blessing brings sustainable gardening to a Guatemalan community, giving them food and hope for the future

Week of Prayer April 29, 2014: Rev. Pat Robertson

CBN’s special Week of Prayer continues with founder and chairman of CBN, founder of Regent University, Operation Blessing, and...

Film Exposes Child Sex Trafficking at World Cup

Film Exposes Child Sex Trafficking at World Cup

When You Can’t Afford To See

Robert is a blessing to his community and a father to nine orphans, but when he started losing his...

Mamá Shía rescata bebés abandonados.

Mamá Shía es una mujer que rescata los niños que nadie quiere, como ella misma les llama. Los recoge...

Medicina para un bebé

Solo una madre puede saber lo doloroso que es ver un hijo sufriendo, con fiebre o dolor y no...

Hasta dónde puede llegar una infección de parásitos?

Wilmer, un niño de 6 años comenzó a enfermar. Sus padres son tan pobres que no podían llevarlo al...