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Pat Boone Credits God for His Success

Singer Pat Boone discusses success, faith, and his song "Exodus."

Escape from Pain Becomes Chaotic Trap

Misty tried to escape her childhood abuse through a young marriage, but her need for money pushed her into...

Suicidal Man Can't Keep Ignoring Help

After a life of ignoring his faith, Matthew reached the point of suicide and finally heard the voice of God.

Motorcycle Enthusiast Trusts God for Healing

Rebecca worried sciatic nerve pain would keep her from her life—and officiating her granddaughter's wedding. See how prayer changed everything!

R&B's Sam Moore Talks Career, Faith and Patriotism

Sam Moore of the 60's-70's R&B group "Sam and Dave" shares his faith, former drug addiction, and his new music.

Christian Couple Carve Unique Niche in Music

Modern hymn-writers Keith and Kristen Getty discuss success, their new book and their Irish Christmas tour.

What Are You Thankful For?

CBN's Scott Ross hits the Nashville streets to ask people about their Thanksgiving memories, and who they are grateful for.

Abuse Victim Overcomes Confusion, Pain, and Secrecy

Shawn was molested at a young age, but revealing the abuse caused a rift in her church. She turned...

Superbook Becomes a Community Event!

St. Gregory Catholic Church held a church event for community members to enjoy mass, free food, and activities followed...

What Is Sin?

Are people basically good? Where is morality and integrity in our culture today? Scott Ross discusses sin with people...

Heartbroken Woman Turns to God for New Beginning

The loss of her high-paying career, her marriage and her father pushed Martha to a point of desperation where...

Battle Against Mysterious Pain Ends With Prayer

Charlotte never imagined that she would be in so much pain she couldn’t take care of her family or...

Chasing Truth In a Prison Cell

Tressa wasn't a stranger to neglect and instability, and her rebellious life landed her in drug dealing and eventually prison.

Changing the World One Church at a Time

Janice Allen is the CEO of International Cooperating Ministries, an organization working to change lives in more than 80...

Pain from Old Football Injuries Meets Its Match

Lenwood’s football days caught up with him in the form of grinding neck pain. A doctor prescribed pain meds,...

A Prayer from a Stranger Led to Healing

Chiropractors told Melanie that her hip was pulling out of the socket after she slipped and fell on ice....

Racial Rejection Sparks a Movement of Love

After an all-white church turned him away, Vincent was determined to worship with those he considered brethren in the...

Prison Stay Leaves Bike Club Leader a Changed Man

The lure of being his own boss led Dave Spurgeon down a dark road. He became a leader in...

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