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Position Yourself for Promotions and Bonuses

Greg and Stacey are retired air force master sergeants. After years of service, they decide to serve in a...

Fired for taking a soup bone

Mother and son earned only $3 for a 15-hour shift at a meat packing plant in Cambodia—not enough to...

Bone-Chilling Arctic Weather Moves Through the US

Bone-Chilling Arctic Weather Moves Through the US

Surgery Avoided for Problematic Elbow Fracture

Lynne fractured her elbow after a fall, and after months of pain, it still wasn't healed. The doctors believed...

Ever Wonder What Jesus' Jerusalem Looked Like?

Ever Wonder What Jesus' Jerusalem Looked Like?

Motorcycle Accident Breaks Bones All Over Man’s Body

With fractures in his neck, back and ankle, Michael is fortunate to still be alive. See the difference it...

Bone Disorder Not Slowing These Kids Down

Sponsored by Orphan's Promise, Beijing's Agape Family Life House is a haven for children who suffer with a rare...

Prayer, New Technology Beating the Odds against Cancer

Ten years ago, doctors had no idea of the technology on the horizon that would help them take on...

Club 700 Hoy: Enero 24, 2016 #548

La reconocida actriz venezolana Elluz Peraza, comparte con nosotros como conoció de Cristo y la forma como este acontecimiento...

Brace Yourself: No Relief from Triple Digit Temps

If you live in the Northeast, brace yourselves for another extremely hot and steamy day.

Prayer Saves Farmer from Death

When Grayson was left with multiple fractures and traumatic brain injury after an accident, doctors expected him to die....

Surviving a 25-Foot Fall

Alcides was cutting a tree when he had a bone-shattering fall. He was more worried about providing for his...

Jewish Cartoonist Confronts 'Holocaust' of Mideast Christians

Jewish Cartoonist Confronts 'Holocaust' of Mideast Christians

Yaacov Kirshen on Dry Bones

Yaacov Kirshen on Dry Bones

Wishes Coming True

Paige was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 11. She received a wish from the Make-a-wish foundation and many...

From Hopeless Orphan to Young Man With a Future

Fourteen-year-old Stephen is an orphan with brittle bonedisease. See what you made possible through Orphan’s Promise that is giving...

Pain Free and Jumping for Joy

Terry Meeuwsen prays a prayer on The 700 Club that sets in motion a miracle healing for the terrible...

No Podiatrist Needed. This Woman Has Been Healed!

A prayer on television that specifically addresses Crystal’s foot pain leads to a miracle healing.