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Mountain of History: Why Jerusalem's 'Re-Settlers' Won't Be Bullied

Mountain of History: Why Jerusalem's 'Re-Settlers' Won't Be Bullied

Bring It On-Line: Where to Begin - August 11, 2016

I have decided to accept Jesus as my Savior, however I have no idea where to begin. Does it...

The 700 Club - August 4, 2016

Award-winning author Denise Hunter opens the pages on her book, “The Convenient Groom.” Plus, one couple’s heartbreak over their...

'Superbook' Draws Tens of Thousands at Hong Kong Book Fair

'Superbook' Draws Tens of Thousands at Hong Kong Book Fair

How to Thrive in Today’s Babylon

Brothers Jason and David Benham discuss their latest book, “Living Among Lions.”

'The Memory Man' Inspires Bible Memorization

'The Memory Man' Inspires Bible Memorization

Studio 5: Out, Open & Unashamed

Hip hop artist Lecrae opens up in a new book and documentary. Pat Smith removes “the mask” to share...

Parent’s of NBA’s Zeller Brothers Share Parenting Secrets

NBA players Luke, Tyler, and, Cody Zeller are the pride of the state Indiana. In the book "Raising Boys...

Embracing Your Second Chance

Pat Smith, wife of NFL great Emmitt Smith, discusses her new book Second Chances. Find healing for your pain...

The Birth of Unstoppable Evil

Brennan McPherson, author of “Cain,” shares insights on his book chronicling the first murder recorded in the Bible.

Author Alli Worthington Tells Us How To "Break Busy" And Discover God's Purpose

Alli Worthington says in her new book, “Breaking Busy" that walking in your God-given destiny is the best kind...

Studio 5: Butler's Born Identity

Grammy Award winning singer Myron Butler shares the scoop on his latest music and his new book. And the...

Pastor David Ireland Readies His Weapon

In his new book, “The Weapon of Prayer” pastor David Ireland shares that we can be successful spiritual warriors...

Pastor David Ireland’s Weapon of Choice

Mega-church pastor David Ireland will discuss his book, “The Weapon of Prayer” that helps us be successful spiritual warriors...

Dr Kent Brantly’s personal journey of faith in the face of Ebola

Dr. Kent Brantly was infected with the deadly Ebola virus while serving as a medical missionary in Liberia....

Luis Reyes: The Spirit And Power Of Elijah

Luis Reyes shares his testimony of being abandoned by his dysfunctional family, coming to the Lord, returning to his...

Two-time Super Bowl Champ Kareem McKenzie To Help Players Transition into Retire

Former NFL offensive lineman?searched for his own transitional answers and realized self-help books were based on biblical scripture as...

Colorado School Bans 'Inappropriate' Atheist, Satanic Literature

A Colorado school board is banning some of the literature placed in public schools by atheist and satanic groups.