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Bring It On-Line: Religion of Peace or War - July 27, 2016

Are the Islam: Religion of Peace or War? booklets still available? Every time I don't read my Bible, I...

Bring It On-Line: Financial Success

I am older and have a thankless job that nearly works me to death and does not pay well...

Yale: Koran a Law Book with Intellectual Achievements

Yale Law School is sending a booklet entitled "Reading the Koran as a Law Book" in the mail to...

Tony Campolo's Gay Marriage Support Highlights Divide

As Christian minister Tony Campolo announced his full acceptance of gay couples in the church, most evangelical pastors, churches, and...

Sid Roth Explains His Passion for Evangelizing Jews

Founder of Messianic Vision, Sid Roth recently took a trip to Israel and saw the Holy Spirit move in...

Sid Roth Desires to Bring the Gospel “To the Jew First”

Sid Roth, Jewish believer in Jesus and founder of Messianic Vision, recently took a trip to Israel and saw...

Bring It On-Line: Christians and Islam

I read the Islam booklet that you offered. It was eye opening. What are we as Christians supposed to...

Mexico's Harsh Treatment of Illegals

Illegal aliens inside Mexico, mostly from Guatemala and Honduras, are literally on the run.

Middle East Outreach: Baptisms and Visions

Thousands of Christians get baptized in the Jordan River every year. Most baptisms take place near the Sea of...

Pat's Age-Defying Antioxidants

Pat's secret to keeping his energy high comes from taking his age-defying protein shake and his age-defying antioxidants.

Gossip Free is the Way to Be

One pastor is challenging his congregation and Christians across the country not to gossip for at least eight days.

News Channel Midday Edition August 25, 2009

Watch CBN News Midday with Lee Webb. Top Stories: Critics say booklet given to veterans causes them to question...

CBN NewsWatch: August 24, 2009

Watch CBN NewsWatch with George Thomas. Top Stories: veteran's booklet drawing criticism, new concerns on abortion funding, the latest...

Pat Williams: 'What are You Living For?'

Pat discusses investing your life in what matters most when pursuit of fame, money, power, and pleasure fails.

Media Campaign Brings Faith Back to Finland

Media Campaign Brings Faith Back to Finland

Critics: Booklet Asks Vets to Question Life's Value

Critics: Booklet Asks Vets to Question Life's Value

Insight on Veterans' Health Care

Insight on Veterans' Health Care