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Bring It On-Line: Staying Together Forever

What is the secret of staying together forever? I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 7 years ,...

Bring It On-Line: Jealously, What should I do?

I am sometimes afraid of my boyfriend because he gets very jealous when I talk to my parents or...

Finding Worth Beyond Beauty Pageants

Crowned Miss America in 2007, Lauren Nelson struggled with identity and purpose beyond being a beauty queen.

Lost Songstress Finds Harmony in God’s Love

Deanna grew up in church, but she never truly knew God. Her life floundered for years until she came...

The 700 Club - March 5, 2014

Gordon Robertson takes a look at some of the medical breakthroughs that have come from Israel. Plus, Marcie just...

When God’s Love is the Only Answer

Marcie just wanted to be loved, but after a string of boyfriends, pregnancies and abortions, she was lonely and broken.

A Rescued Heart

Crissy Moran's search for meaningful love took a wrong turn and she spent years in shame as a porn star.

Bring It On-Line: Baptism of the Holy Ghost

How can I talk to my boyfriend about porn and get him to stop? Is the baptism of the...

Bring It On-Line: Tithing in Marriage

My previous marriage was broken due to porn and affairs. My new boyfriend also had these problems, but has...

More Young Women 'Shacking Up' before Marriage

More Young Women 'Shacking Up' before Marriage

Belonging to No One But Christ

Neglected and sexually abused as a child, Karen didn't know to be on the lookout for destructive relationships.

An Embezzler's Redemption

Helen's embezzling and check fraud to support her drug habit earned her a stiff prison sentence that was equally...

Bring It On: Helping Dad

My boyfriend and I have been together for five years, I am a new Christian of 10 months. He...

Bring It On: Baptized as a Child, turned Atheist

A former boyfriend needs money, my husband say no, what should I do? Why are some people healed and...

Bring It On: God and Allah

I found out my son was abused by a baby-sitter, how do I help my son recover from this?...

Bring It On: Co-Habitation

Is it wrong to burn incense? I am living with my boyfriend and have two kids by him, we...

Bring It On: Living Together

Why did God allow my car accident? Is it wrong to be in the military? Should I leave my...

Michelle Kelso: A Future and A Hope

She lived in constant fear of the next brutal attack from her boyfriend. Michelle knew she needed a Savior.

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