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Getting the Tools to Live Her Dream

Growing up in a poor Gypsy village in the Ukraine, Kristina knew she would need a good job to...

Joel Osteen: Overcoming Life's Obstacles

Pastor Joel Osteen visits The 700 Club to discuss overcoming obstacles to live the life God intended.

Nancy Pierre: Free from Islam, Free in Christ

She was a charismatic New Yorker trapped in the rigid rules of the Muslim faith. Nancy wanted to break out.

The Thin Line in Panmunjom

Panmunjom is a concrete slab that literally divides North and South Korea.

Selma to Montgomery

"I saw those state troopers with their billy clubs. They took one end of the billy club in one...

Bring It On: The Gospel in the Middle East

Gordon Robertson answers your Bring It On questions: How can I save for the future but enjoy today? How...

Iowa: A Candidate's Field of Dreams

The cornfields of Iowa have been a field of dreams for presidential candidates.

CBN NewsWatch: June 28, 2011

On Tuesday's CBN Newswatch with Lee Webb and Lorie Johnson: A suicide bomber attacks a Kabul hotel, Michele Bachmann...

Brawl Breaks Out at Ukraine Parliament

Brawl Breaks Out at Ukraine Parliament

Protests Breaks out at Iraniian Woman's Memorial

Protests Breaks out at Iraniian Woman's Memorial

Living a Life of Miracles

Miracles are breaking out in North America, and they come with a growing belief that any Christian can be...

Western Protests Call for Israel’s Demise

Israel's critics have been out in full force since "Operation Cast Lead" began in Gaza last month.