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Digital Antenna Setup

Learn how to get the CBN News Channel in your area.

Pillar of Salt

This “Bizarre Bible Byte” is about Lot’s Wife.

You Don’t Say

Common phrases we use everyday found in the Bible. Location: Museum of the Bible.

The Slave Bible

How slave owners took passages about freedom away from their slaves.

Your “Don’t Worry” Financial Plan

Daniel and Nancy were hard workers and big spenders—until they both lost their jobs. Monthly bills exceeded their unemployment...

Step by Step—Growing Your Finances

John and Amy went from two incomes and no kids to one income and nine kids! Learn the strategy...

God is Greater than Your Feelings

What do you do when you feel like you’re not “okay” with God? We don’t go by feelings...

Word: Honor

The importance of honoring your parents—even when you don’t agree with them.


This “bizarre bible byte” talks about the coin in the fish’s mouth that was used to pay the tax.

We Answer your Questions: Part 3

We love to answer your questions!

We Answer your Questions: Part 1

Send us your questions!

We Answer Your Questions: Part 2

We love to answer your questions!

How to Teach Kids Values

Andrew and Bettye have a passion for reaching kids with God’s truth. But how? They show Superbook episodes at...

Surprise! Renters Trashed Your House

Dean and Melony rented their home out for a few months when the Army transferred them to a new...

What It Takes to Grow Your Business and Finances

Barry and Joanne run a family trucking business that has seen some ups and downs. Through it all, they’ve...

O, Brother

Do you know of all the brothers and sisters in the Bible?

Celebrate Your Victory

More fun from the Superbook Academy Dancers.

Watch What You Watch

This "Bizarre Bible Byte" answers the question, "Do you think what you watch can change you?"