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The 700 Club - February 7, 2017

Author Wendy Baisley Roache remains unbroken after a devastating family tragedy. Plus, Brian grew up in a dysfunctional home...

Trump's Pick to Head Up EPA: 'Steps Directed by God'

Trump's Pick to Head Up EPA: 'Steps Directed by God'

Aleppo Ceasefire Broken, Evacuation Efforts Halted

Aleppo Ceasefire Broken, Evacuation Efforts Halted

NFL Legend Randall Cunningham Coaches Football and Lives

He was a dynamic NFL quarterback and playmaker. After retiring, he returned to where he played college football -...

Abuse Victim Sheds Shackles of Past for Eternal Love

Ruben was sexually abused as a child, sending him in search of love and affirmation. Caught up in drugs,...

Struggling Marriage Needs Injection of Faith…and Faithfulness

Through four tours in Afghanistan, Ricky struggled with his faith and his faithfulness to his wife, Kay. But despite...

The 700 Club - October 12, 2016

Minnesota’s wide receiver Charles Johnson says what saved his life. Then, a broken neck, a desperate plea, and a...

“Who Will Save My Brother?”

She could hardly wait for her little brother’s birth. But her heart broke when she saw that Sunsong had...

The 700 Club - August 30, 2016

The “Godfather of Gospel Jazz,” Ben Tankard advocates for living life to the fullest. Plus, one woman defies doctors...

Turning Point - May 11, 2016

AL & LISA ROBERTSON share their love story of brokenness, infidelity, and redemption. JULIE MUTESASIRA Ugandan gospel star talks...

The 700 Club - August 22, 2016

He can’t remember the start of his own NFL career. Super Bowl champion Ben Utecht pens a love letter...

700 Club Interactive - August 15, 2016

All-American soccer star Mo Isom shares her journey from broken to bold.

700 Club Interactive - August 8, 2016

All-American soccer star Mo Isom shares her journey from broken to bold.

LSU Athlete's Journey from Broken to Bold

Mo Isom had it all...but then her life was wrecked. She discusses overcoming trials and finally relinquishing control to God.

Who do you see about a broken heart?

Chad Veach teaches on Jesus being the “the remedy” for a hurting soul.

Bring It On-Line: Inheritance - July 13, 2016

Should a person tithe on inheritance money? The boy I fell in love with is way more spiritually mature...

The Benefits of Listening to That Voice in Your Head

Louie’s tough guy act results in a prison sentence. While serving his time, he hears a voice in his...

Abuse Victim has Message for Attackers

Kegan Wesley is molested at a young age by several men, leads an LGBT lifestyle for many years, until...