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Their Drastic Plan to Escape $230,000 in Debt

The Sumralls spent money recklessly and never set a budget. After five years, they were in $230,000 of debt—mostly...

Free Surgery Eases Family's Burden

Basava's family couldn't afford surgery to fix his cataracts. CBN heard about Basava and stepped in to help.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - February 20, 2018


Outreach Helps Make Ends Meet

Olivia struggled to provide for her children and sometimes went without food so they could eat. Then she found...

Fifth Circuit Rejects Latest HHS Mandate Challenge

A group of religious institutions could appeal to the Supreme Court over the contraception mandate in Obamacare.

Presidential Hopefuls Tackle Out-of-Control Tax Code

America's tax code is a mess and a lot of 2016 hopefuls want to do something about that.

Refugees Fleeing ISIS Overwhelming Kurdistan

The refugee crisis caused by Christians and other minorities fleeing ISIS is threatening to overwhelm Kurdistan, with the more than...

Easing the Burden of Military Families

Our military heroes and their families sacrifice so much for our freedom. Find out how CBN partners are...

Bring It On-Line: Freemasons and the Constitution

What time and season was Jesus really born? I’ve heard that Freemasons wrote the Constitution. Is that true? I...

My God Adventure – The Story of Orphan's Promise

The start of Orphan's Promise really begins with the story of three Ukrainian sisters and one woman's response to...

Finish College Debt Free

Author Kristina Ellis shares her experience of using scholarships to finish college without the typical burden of student loan debt.

CBN NewsWatch: April 15, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, April 15: South Korean pastor says prayer the answer to war tensions, Small businesses say tax...

Small Businesses Say Tax Code a Major Burden

Small Businesses Say Tax Code a Major Burden

The 700 Club - March 7, 2013

Baseball star Ben Zobrist shares about the pressures of a life lived in the spotlight. Plus, find out Tammie's...

Red Tape Putting Chokehold on Small Businesses?

Red Tape Putting Chokehold on Small Businesses?

A Grandfather is Pushed to His Limit

The burden of providing for his grandchildren pushes Ko Sem to the brink of suicide. To help, CBN provides...

My God Adventure – The Story of Orphan's Promise

Terry Meeuwsen shares how God laid a burden on her heart for 3 orphaned sisters and how He led...

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