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Intel Buys Israeli Driverless Car Company for $15 Billion

Intel Buys Israeli Driverless Car Company for $15 Billion

Stopping the Sex Trade, One Buyer at a Time

Stopping the Sex Trade, One Buyer at a Time

$1 a Day Won’t Buy Surgery

Little Paska was born with cleft lip and palate. Her mom blamed herself for her child’s deformity, but she...

Dancing in the Silence

Yatong loves to dance, but in her deafness, she could only imagine the music. Her hardworking parents worked multiple...

When You've Spent Like There's No Tomorrow

Imagine buying whatever you want with your credit card with no limits. Sound exciting? That’s what Ron and Linda...

From Buying Groceries on Credit to a Multi-Million-Dollar Business

Chantel went from using credit cards for food, to owning a multi-million-dollar real estate company. Learn how she did...

Dangerous Consequences for Women Who Buy the Myth 'Alcohol Is Safe'

Dangerous Consequences for Women Who Buy the Myth 'Alcohol Is Safe'

Drinking From Discarded Bottles

When Phe saw a water bottle on the ground she would pick it up and drink whatever was left....

For Goodness' Sake

Three-year-old Goodness was born deaf, but his parents couldn’t afford to buy him a hearing aid. See how CBN...

Family Business Struggles to Survive

Alon and Hannah moved to Israel from the U.S. to start a business. They soon discovered they needed more...

2,500-Year-Old Find Gives Rare Insight into Women's Roles in Ancient Israel

Israeli archaeologists recently discovered a rare 2,500-year-old seal during excavations inside the City of David, shedding new light on a...

Stealing to Buy Food

Nine-year-old Angelo just wanted to help his mom feed the family, so he started stealing. Even though he felt...

Bring It On-Line: Lottery

Is it really wrong to play the lottery? I very seldom play but when the jackpot is really big...

Judge Rules City Can Block Pro-Life Bus Ad

A federal court has ruled that Fort Wayne, Indiana, can block a pro-life group from buying ads on city buses.

The 700 Club - January 4, 2016

Financial expert Clark Howard gives advice on saving while buying a house, car, and on your monthly expenses. Plus,...


An office worker is addicted to technology. He buy “a hit” only to get caught by his son when...

Baby Parts Buyer Jokes about Shipping Severed Heads

Planned Parenthood asked a federal judge Tuesday to stop Louisiana from ending Medicaid payments to the organization's clinics.  

Mt. Soledad Cross to Stay Put after Group Buys Land

The decades' long fight over the Mount Soledad cross in San Diego has taken a new turn.