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Ministry Issues Call to Prayer for Iraqi Pastor's Release

Ministry Issues Call to Prayer for Iraqi Pastor's Release

Boy Safe, Kidnapper Dead after Week-Long Standoff

Boy Safe, Kidnapper Dead after Week-Long Standoff

News Channel Morning Edition: February 4, 2013

On CBN News Channel Morning News, Feb. 4: Death of nation's top ex-SEAL sniper highlights PTSD, Alabama town calls...

America For Jesus 2012

Pastors Anne Gimenez and John Blanchard will discuss the upcoming national call to prayer at the America for Jesus...


Thousands of Christians gathered in Fredericksburg, Virginia as part of the ongoing prayer rallies known as "The Call,” where...

Call to Prayer

A decade ago, Lou Engle was a man with a vision to rally young people across the country to...

The New Horizon of CBN

The future of CBN is now! CBN is using the latest technologies to spread the message of Jesus Christ here...

Visions of Jesus Stir Muslim Hearts

Many say a supernatural dimension is at work throughout the Islamic world…

Yoky Fernandez: A Mother's Call for Help

Yoky was desperate. She prayed to God, "If I die, who will take care of my children?" One phone...

Cape Henry: The Beginning of a Christian Nation

The traditional Cape Henry story with the addition of the monument at Jamestown that says a nation that doesn’t...

Word of Knowledge: Jeanne Robertson

Jeanne burned her hand and painful blisters formed. She called CBN’s Prayer Counseling Center and her hand was healed.

Rebecca’s Prayer: A Song of Praise

Rebecca Simpson's two goals in life were to make an impact for God and graduate from her high school,...

Cape Henry, A Christian Nation

This year marks the 400th anniversary of an event that is central to CBN's ministry today. In 1607, a...

Dutch Sheets: Pray God's Will for the Elections

Dutch Sheets, author of Authority in Prayer, teaches us how to pray in the coming days for the body...

Cindy Jacobs: Prayer Needed for Global Economies

Cindy Jacobs heard a word from the Lord that Satan wants to cause another Black Tuesday. She says God's...

A Call to Prayer From Pat Robertson

Join CBN for 30 days of prayer for our nation and the world October 6 through November 4.

Thousands Gather in Jerusalem to Pray

It's the biggest prayer gathering in history and it's happening this week.

Wellington Boone: Set Apart for God

Wellington Boone talks about a secret spiritual weapon called consecrated prayer.