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Worship Leader Remains Faithful to The Call

Recording artist Roy Fields joins The 700 Club to share an update on his ministry.

700 Club Interactive - December 14, 2018

Physician and Pastor Dr. Paul Osteen discusses the need for ministry and medicine around the globe.

Ministry and Medicine Around the Globe

Physicians Dr. Paul Osteen and Dr. Kiel Thelander discuss the need for surgical care in Africa where over 60...

Medical Missions Reach Sub Saharan Africa

Dr. Paul Osteen and Dr. Keir Thelander discuss providing medical ministry in sub Saharan Africa, and training local people...

The Place Where Jesus Was Baptized Was Laced with Landmines, Now Israel Is Fixing That

The Place Where Jesus Was Baptized Was Laced with Landmines, Now Israel Is Fixing That

700 Club Interactive - December 13, 2018

Chris Wark had stage 3 colon cancer and refused chemotherapy. Fifteen years later he’s healthy and shares his...

700 Club Interactive - December 12, 2018

How can we keep hoping and trusting in God when pain happens in our life? Daniel Brooker and Brittany...

700 Club Interactive - December 11, 2018

After thirty years of drug addiction and losing custody of her three children, a woman serves a ten year...

700 Club Interactive - December 10, 2018

Lysa Terkeurst shares how a marriage and health crisis ultimately led her to a radical encounter with God.

700 Club Interactive - December 7, 2018

Alveda King will discuss her family legacy and how families can draw closer during the holidays.

700 Club Interactive - December 6, 2018

Evangelical political activist and history expert David Barton discusses the key issues causing the current political, moral, and cultural...

700 Club Interactive - December 5, 2018

Learn what you can do to switch a bad gene to "off” through Epigenetics.

700 Club Interactive - December 4, 2018

A career criminal faces eighty years in prison with the possibility of parole. In prison he gives his...

700 Club Interactive - December 3, 2018

After the sudden death of his three-year-old son, a father clings to Christ and finds hope.

700 Club Interactive - November 30, 2018

Jeff Deyo, former lead singer of SonicFlood will discuss cultivating worship and the power it has to draw closer...

700 Club Interactive - November 29, 2018

Born without legs, Jen Bricker is a professional gymnast and acrobatic performer who has never let any obstacles stop...

700 Club Interactive - November 28, 2018

Florida woman who lost her unborn baby and her arms and legs due to infection, shares her remarkable faith...

700 Club Interactive - November 27, 2018

Rusty was a sweet kid who turned rebel, addict, felon. Just when he thought he had lost everything,...