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Bring It On-Line: Being Saved

What does it mean when the Bible says "peace and then the end shall come"? When someone gives their...

700 Club Interactive: The Curse of Complaining - March 5, 2014

Where does complaining get you? Find out just how destructive negative talk can be.

700 Club Interactive: Noah - March 4, 2014

What can we learn from the story of Noah? Hear why his story is worth remembering.

700 Club Interactive: Maintaing Your Peace - March 3, 2014

How do you maintain peace? Find out how you can keep your peace in the midst of trials.

Bring It On-Line: Am I Cursed with Negativity?

I am almost 18, and I have lived a life of struggle and negativity. I have hit rock bottom...

Bring It On-Line: "Coptic Christian"

Is it possible for a witch to put a spell on someone? And if so how can we protect...

Bring It On-Line: Reincarnation

I have a friend who says she is a Christian, but believes in reincarnation. What can I say to...

Bring It On-Line: Daily Repentance

I have suffered from diabetes for thirty-three years and it's getting worse. I am tired of being sick. Some...

Bring It On-Line: Honor Your Parents

I know we have to honor our parents, but my mother is a Wiccan. How can I honor her...

CBN NewsWatch: February 14, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, Feb. 14: Gay marriage rulings hurting voter confidence?, Belgium child euthanasia 'opens door none can shut',...

News on The 700 Club: Feb 14, 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club," Feb. 14: Belgium child euthanasia 'opens door none can shut'; Judge overturns Va....

Belgium Child Euthanasia 'Opens Door None Can Shut'

Belgium Child Euthanasia 'Opens Door None Can Shut'

CBN News Today : Feb. 14, 2014

On CBN News Today, Feb. 14: Belgium child euthanasia 'opens door none can shut'; Judge overturns Va. same-sex marriage...

700 Club Interactive: Hope Heals - Feb. 12, 2014

Is there purpose in pain? See how hope can bring healing

Bring It On-Line: God's Voice

Sometimes I forget to pray before I eat my food. After I'm almost finished, I will remember to pray....

Bring It On-Line: Confusing Dreams

I'm a 16 year old girl who has been having occasional, confusing dreams, with a strong evil presence. How...

700 Club Interactive: Beating the Bullies - Feb. 7, 2014

What’s the best way to beat a bully? See how you can overcome the giants in your life.

Bring It On-Line: Use of Tithe

I met a couple who say they are Christians but they don't believe in the Trinity. How can I...