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700 Club Interactive – August 10, 2010

Feature: Living with Cancer

The 700 Club: July 29, 2010

A man has a bad trip on LSD that ultimately leads him to Jesus. A woman is healed of...

Atheism Aside: Peter Hitchens' Journey to Faith

One of Britain's most famous journalists and outspoken atheists has become a Christian. Peter Hitchens has written a new...

News on The 700 Club: July 12, 2010

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Monday, July 12, top headlines from CBN News include...

Billionaire Philanthropist

After being healed of a rare form of cancer, Walter Wang wants to bring the Word of God to...

Julie Jenney: Living with Cancer

One woman's account of life after her diagnosis of cancer.

700 Club Interactive – June 11, 2010

Topic: Living with Cancer

Dave Dravecky's Last Pitch

His big comeback came to a horrifying end when this San Francisco Giant pitcher broke his arm during a game.

News on The 700 Club: May 26, 2010

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Wednesday, May 26, the top stories from CBN News...

The 700 Club: May 19, 2010

Meet Dave Morin who lost more than 200 pounds with the help of a praying wife. A woman forgives...

The 700 Club: April 28, 2010

An NFL Chaplain and former Super Bowl champion shares his ministry to athletes. A couple from NBC's Biggest Loser...

Prostate Cancer: Sharing Stories of Survival

Every year, doctors tell about 200,000 American men they have prostate cancer. One in 35 will die from...

The 700 Club: April 7, 2010

Today's guest, author Doug Varrieurs lost 100 pounds by eliminating sugar. A woman loses her voice after a bout...

Letters to God: Hope for Those Left Behind

'Letter's to God' is the story of how one boy’s battle with cancer turned into an inspiration for a...

Cristina Guevara Parte 2

Cristina Guevara Parte 2

Cristina Guevara - Parte 1

Cristina Guevara - Parte 1

Praying for Your Needs: March 4, 2010

Good reports on toothache, eye sight, seizures and sores in mouth. Also words of knowledge for - throat cancer,...

Preventing the Second Deadliest Cancer

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. It is the second deadliest type of cancer, behind lung cancer.