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The 700 Club - April 30, 2015

Bishop Wellington Boone offers guidance on prioritizing prayer. Plus, baby Gideon was diagnosed with cancer after doctors found a...

700 Club Interactive: God Will Heal Our Baby – April 28, 2015

A child with brain tumors is miraculously healed from cancer.

'Cleaning for a Reason' Helps Cancer Patients

Cancer patients often experience extreme exhaustion from their treatment. This fatigue is especially difficult for women responsible for running...

Doctors Had No Explanation When God Started Healing This Baby

After his first birthday, doctors discovered that Gideon Thompson had a brain tumor that was a direct result of...

Using Polio, Measles, HIV Viruses to Treat Cancer?

New treatments are using viruses as the latest weapon in the fight against different types of cancers. So far,...

700 Club Interactive: Made in Israel: Medicine – April 8, 2015

Israel's life expectancy is four years higher than that of the USA. Gordon Robertson takes a look at some...

Ariel University: A Model of Co-Existence

Ariel University, a leader in cancer research, has modeled co-existence between Israeli Jews and their Arab counterparts. Despite this,...

Crystal Cathedral Founder Rev. Robert Schuller Dies

Crystal Cathedral founder and televangelist Robert H. Schuller has died after a battle with terminal cancer. He was 88.

The 700 Club - March 19, 2015

Stephen Schimmel sees cemeteries not as marking the end of a person’s life, but rather the beginning of eternity...

Chomp on Veggies, Fish to Reduce Cancer Risk

Chomp on Veggies, Fish to Reduce Cancer Risk

Docs Fear Casting Crowns Lead May Have Cancer

Docs Fear Casting Crowns Lead May Have Cancer

Coffee Surprising Winner in Cancer Prevention

Coffee Surprising Winner in Cancer Prevention

The 700 Club - February 6, 2015

Cameron was bullied as a child and later endured sexual abuse and assault. See where her journey of finding...

Breast Cancer Healed without Surgery or Drugs

When Venus was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was advised to have surgery and undergo chemotherapy. She...

Radio Host Michael Medved Battling Throat Cancer

Radio Host Michael Medved Battling Throat Cancer

Mundo Cristiano: Enero 30, 2015

Hoy en Mundo Cristiano. Sobrevivientes de Auschwitz (Polonia) agradecen a Dios por mantenerlos con vida en el 70 Aniversario...

Cervical Cancer: What Young Women Should Know

Dr. Pari Ghodsi, a board certified gynecologist, spoke to CBN News about cervical cancer and why young women need...

Author Garth Callaghan Explains ‘Napkin Notes'

Author Garth Callaghan discusses his book "Napkin Notes" and his efforts to influence his daughter's life in the face...