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Would Jerry Lose His Leg?

After a truck ran over Jerry’s foot, the painful injury and infection grew steadily worse. Without doctors or nurses...

Scavenging the Ocean Floor for a Miracle

Rama’s hardworking parents were about to give up trying to fund the surgery necessary to correct his cleft lip....

Garbage for Dinner

After Edmond lost both parents, he was forced to do heavy manual labor and send the money to his...

Getting Free From Financial Anxiety

With about a year and a half of zero income, Tom and Corrine were hurting financially and full of...

When Your Home Is Washed Away

Eight-year-old Jenny and her family lost everything but a single hammock when Typhoon Haiyan struck their village. Your kindness...

When Eating Means Choking…

Every time baby Alfin would nurse, he choked because of his cleft lip and palate. His distraught parents who...

Would you give up food to send your child to school?

A poor widow struggles to send her niece to school, but often they both go hungry. This story of...

She had already lost two children—would she lose two more?

Mrs. Tang knew she could never afford life-saving heart surgery for her two children. Find out who heard this...

You Can Stop Scraping to Get By

Danielle lost her job and was broke with two boys to feed. She didn’t know what to do until...

The Difference a ‘Napkin Note’ Can Make

Author Garth Callaghan learned the importance of making every moment count when he was diagnosed with cancer.

“Go Tell It on the Mountain.”

OBB sings “Go Tell It on the Mountain.”

Son of 'Unbroken's' Louis Zamperini Remembers His Father's Legacy

Luke Zamperini knows his father's life is an incredible story and he's excited to share it with the world...

Decorating Delicious Christmas Treats

Entertaining expert Kimberly Whitman shows how to decorate Christmas cookies, and how you can have the 2014 “Southern Living”...

“Unto Us”

Aaron Shurst sings “Unto Us”

Experience A Colorful Christmas At The Greenbrier

Decorator Carleton Varney takes us on tour of the colorful Christmas décor at “America’s resort,” The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Victoria Burchfield sings, “Go Tell It On The Mountain.”

O Holy Night

The Henningsens sing, “O Holy Night.”

Happy Birthday Merry Christmas Baby Jesus

The Henningsens sing, “Happy Birthday Merry Christmas Baby Jesus."