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An Unbearable Body Rash Miraculously Disappears

A painful rash on her hands, feet and face were making life miserable for Honey, but a 700 Club...

The True Story of Noah

Author Larry Stone talks about his latest book, “Noah,” and the importance of knowing the full story of the Flood.

The Truth Saves NFL Player from Gang Life

NFL wide receiver Jason Avant's underprivileged childhood couldn't stop God's plan for his life.

Investigating the Truth of the Gospel

Jim thought he had no need for God, but after years of occasionally going to church to please his...

Noted Theologian Unveils "Who is Jesus?"

Regent University's Dr. Corné Bekker introduces the first Luxvera MOOC class being offered, 'Who is Jesus?'

Superbook Spans the Generations

For the McBride family of Virginia, three generations are regularly enjoying CBN’s Superbook animated Bible story series.

Hope in the Midst of Rebellion

Gabrielle was raised in a hippie environment that disgusted her and she vowed to have opposite values, but she...

'Brave German Woman' Rebukes Islam's Lie

Islam continues to grow in power and influence across Europe. But in Germany one Christian woman has decided to...

Super Bowl XLVIII: The CBN Sports Post Game Report

CBN Sports talks with players about keeping perspective after the big game.

Pitching for a Purpose

San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt shares about the day he wanted to walk away from the game...

CBN Sports at Super Bowl XLVIII

CBN Sports is in New Jersey talking faith with the NFL's best as they prepare for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Stress Relief for a Dwindling Bank Account

Mark looked at his bank account and asked himself, “Where is my money going?” Stressed, unemployed, and having panic...

Chemical Explosion Catalyst to Spiritual Awakening

Rodney knew he had a call from God on his life, but he chose to pursue a lifestyle of...

How Would You Like to Have Financial Peace?

Leslie always felt that security came from money in the bank. She pinched every penny starting from her childhood,...

Getting Back to Financial Health

When Rex and Rosa moved to beautiful New Mexico, they found themselves in a financial desert. Rex lost his...

Single Mom Shares Her Key to Financial Security

Jessica became a single mother at age 19. She and her son struggled financially until one day this young...

Life Is Short—Make It Count

John and his family spent a lot of money on medical bills when his wife was sick with cancer....

Are You Waiting for Your Financial “Hallelujah Moment?”

Latisha was a single mom with no job, who struggled to care for herself and young daughter. But even...