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CBN International Ministry Centers

Discover the many regions and countries where CBN works to produce local TV programming, facilitate humanitarian relief, and coordinate...

Tropical Storm Punches Philippines Again after Deadly Lando

Tropical storms are giving the Philippines a one-two punch after being hit hard by Typhoon Lando.  

Lando Floods Philippines in 'Slow Motion Disaster'

Thousands of people in the Philippines are still facing days of severe rains after Typhoon Lando hit that country...

CBN Celebrates 54 Years

Take a look back on the events leading up to the inaugural broadcast of the Christian Broadcasting Network in 1961.

A Few Moments Can Change Everything

It took only a few minutes for the Nepal earthquake to destroy, lives, homes, and villages. This family of...

Vida Dura # 406

Los traumas emocionales son difíciles de superar, de no recibir ayuda, las victimas de tales traumas pudieran adoptar estilos...

Vida Dura # 405

Es triste ver como algunos padres se convierten en los peores enemigos de sus hijos labrando para ellos un...

Vida Dura # 404

El trauma sufrido por un niño podría destruir su vida completamente, a menos que se provea la ayuda necesaria...

Vida Dura # 403

La separación de los padres genera en muchos casos consecuencias devastadoras sobre los hijos, consecuencias que podrían marcar el...

Vida Dura # 402

Una pareja se separa por maltrato y agresiones, pero luego, a raíz de la enfermedad de uno de sus...

CBN Celebrates 53 Years

Take a look back at the history of CBN on our 53rd birthday.

This Week at CBN: Helping Flood Victims in India

Gordon Robertson highlights CBN International and the help they are giving flood victims in Northern India, providing disaster relief...

CBN Global Update: July 8, 2013

CBN International is helping flood victims in Northern India, providing disaster relief to over 3,000 survivors.


As Ramadan approaches, Christians across the globe are praying the Muslim world will experience a spiritual awakening through the...

CBN Global Update: July 1, 2013

CBN International is helping to provide mobility and improve the quality of life to the physically disabled in Indonesia.

This Week at CBN: International Broadcasting Efforts Earn Recognition

Gordon Robertson highlights the awards bestowed upon CBN International at the recent National Religious Broadcasters convention.

7 Super Days of Superbook Fun!

Tune in to ABC Family for 7 Days of Superbook.

CBN Global Update: November 26, 2012

CBN presented the Super Kids Club television show to children in Cambodia. More than 1000 children participated and accepted...