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Jeb Bush On Marriage

Jeb Bush talks to The Brody File in Dubuque Iowa about traditional marriage and whether there is a constitutional...

Jeb Bush on a Spiritual Awakening in America

Jeb Bush says it's important America have another Great Awakening. Watch him talk to The Brody File in Dubuque Iowa

Jeb Bush on Competing in Iowa

Will Jeb Bush seriously compete in the state of Iowa? Watch him talk to The Brody File in Dubuque Iowa

Jeb Bush On Religious Freedom

Jeb Bush talks about the assault on religious liberty here in America. He spoke with The Brody File in...

CBN News Sunday: Landscape and Future of American Christianity

On CBN News Sunday, May 17: Is the church in America dying out or is the church on the...

How Biking Can Save Your Life, and $10K a Year

As the price of gas rises again, more people are taking up biking as a considerably intelligent alternative to...

Fear Still Grips Nepalis in Kathmandu Post-Quake

Poor weather conditions have put a temporary halt on efforts to recover additional bodies and the wreckage of a...

Tebow Opens Children's 'Palace of Healing'

Former NFL quaterback Tim Tebow's newest children's hospital, located in the poverty stricken region of Southern Philippines, has just...

Starving for Control: 'I Was Killing Myself'

Counselors at the Carolina House work with girls of all ages who are trying to conquer eating disorders that...

VIDEO: Miles de mexicanos son testigos del poder de Dios en evento de milagros

Dirigido por el pastor nigeriano T.B. Joshua.

Hispanic Church & Education

Hispanic Church & Education

Where Hope Grows: Actor Makes History in Faith Film

Hollywood's trend of faith films is scoring another title at the box office. "Where Hope Grows" hits theaters Friday, and...

King of Blues B.B. King Dead at 89

B.B. King, the man known as the King of Blues, has died at age 89.

Bodies Recovered at US Marine Copter Crash in Nepal

Nepal's army says that bodies of all eight people on board the U.S. Marine helicopter that disappeared this week...

CBN News Weekend: Christian Genocide Awareness

While western governments have been slow to respond to the Christian genocide in countries like Kenya, Syria and Pakistan...

Interview with Chris Dowling

Director Chris Dowling shared more about the importance of the new film with CBN's Efrem Graham.

News on The 700 Club: May 15, 2015

As seen on "The 700 Club," on May 15: What Vatican's move may mean for Jerusalem's future; ISIS calls...

Rated 'C' for Christ: Redeeming the Gaming Industry

Peter Venoit and Simon Matthews, animation students at Virginia's Regent University, are creating a videogame they hope will make...