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Devastation in Middle East Increases

Devastation in Middle East Increases

David Meyer: 30 Days of Hope for Cambodia

As CEO of World Missions for his mother Joyce Meyer's ministry, David will tell of their month-long outreach in...

Gaza Jihad: Calm before the Storm

Islamic Jihad may be driven by hate for Israel, but there's an element of respect as they train for war.

Gaza's Unseen Highway to Terror

Things may appear quiet in the Gaza Strip these days, but there's a lot of activity going on that...

Training Kids for Terror

For most kids, summer is a time for vacation. But in the Gaza Strip, that's not the case.

Israelies Kill High Ranking Hamas Leader

Hamas Interior Minister Said Siam was killed Thursday evening in an Israeli air strike on his brother's home in Jabalya.

Gaza Cease-Fire Near – Maybe

Hamas says it will accept Egypt's proposal for a cease-fire. Meanwhile, the fighting in Gaza is more intense than ever.

Israel Mulls Over Tougher Attacks on Hamas?

Speculation abounds that Olmert and his top ministers don't agree on whether to launch a third phase of the...

U.N. Push for Cease-Fire Futile?

The U.N. is trying to impose a Gaza cease-fire. But Hamas isn't ready to give up its war against...

Israel Forces Push towards Heart of Gaza

Thousands of reservists joined Israel's Gaza force this weekend, as Israeli soldiers pushed toward the heart of Gaza City.

Mideast Conflict: Lebanon Joins the Fray

Israel may now be facing a two-front war.

Libyan Rebels Surround Gadhafi's Hometown

Libyan Rebels Surround Gadhafi's Hometown

Libyan Rebels Set Conditions for Cease-Fire

Libyan Rebels Set Conditions for Cease-Fire

Obama, U.N Warn Gadhafi to Cease Fire 'Immediately'

Obama, U.N Warn Gadhafi to Cease Fire 'Immediately'

Hamas, Fatah Move Closer to Civil War

It's the worst violence between the two top Palestinian rivals in more than a decade.

Israel Advances Cautiously in Ground Op

Israeli forces are moving cautiously in their war on Hamas, knowing that the casualties will grow in the dense...

Israel Enters Day 3 of Gaza Op

After more than a week of air strikes against Hamas, Israel launched a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip...