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Making a Living From Anger

Mitch tried to escape the pain of childhood abuse, but drugs, alcohol, and fighting didn't make it disappear. Then...

700 Club Interactive - August 11, 2017

Popular author and speaker Lisa Harper never married but always wanted a child; her life is forever changed when...

How a Smiling God Brings Joy to Wounded World

Author and speaker Lisa Harper shares how her life is forever changed by adopting a dying child from Haiti.

Studio 5: Windy City Wonders

Nightline anchor Bryon Pitts delivers a challenge for you to be the change you need. Hillsong Young & Free...

700 Club Interactive - August 3, 2017

NFL safety Shemarko Thomas shares how the death of his parents changed his life.

Urging Women to Answer a New Call

The founder of TheCall, Lou Engle, discusses Rise Up, an event for women to model true femininity and empowerment...

Bring It On-Line: - July 25, 2017


CBN NewsWatch: July 25, 2017

On CBN Newswatch, July 25: A huge day for health care: McCain's return sets stage for big vote; Sex...

Sex Change Surgeries Could Cost Military Billion$, as Much as a New Navy Destroyer

Sex Change Surgeries Could Cost Military Billion$, as Much as a New Navy Destroyer

On the Front Lines of Social Change

Dallas Police Chief David Brown inspired a nation with his response to the killing of five of his officers....

Studio 5: Honoring the Brave

See the making of The Zookeeper's Wife as it's released to DVD. Actor Adam Driver honors a military family...

700 Club Interactive - June 26, 2017

Joey and Rory Feek’s love story touched millions of lives. Rory shares how God and his late wife Joey...

Rory Feek Shares His Greatest Pain and Greatest Joy

Grammy-winner Rory Feek discusses how his life was changed by God and his late wife Joey.

Holding Onto Faith After Tragic News?

Barry's world changed with his son was diagnosed with global brain damage. But in the midst of his son's...

700 Club Interactive - June 20, 2017

Emily Thomes called herself a Christian but lead a life of homosexuality, drug use, and rebellion. Curious, she googled...

Inner City Church Adapts to Changing Culture and Thrives

Inner City Church Adapts to Changing Culture and Thrives

CBN News Showcase: Changing the Tide of Political Violence in the US

As Nation recovers from politically motivated shooting outside nation’s capital this week – CBN News Showcase takes a closer...

Become the Catalyst for Change, Reconciliation, and Hope

Bishop Harry Jackson discusses racial reconciliation and reaching the world with healing and hope for the future.