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Fifty Years of the Catholic Charismatic Movement: 1967-2017

Marking its 50th Jubilee this year, the Catholic Charismatic movement has come a long way and continues to thrive.

The 700 Club - June 14, 2017

He’s a comedian and a Fox News host. Tom Shillue reveals how “mean dads” can make for a better...

Using Spiritual Gifts in the Secular World

Michelle Moran explains how to use gifts of the Holy Spirit, or Charisms, in the secular world.

Experiencing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Kevin describes his baptism in the Holy Spirit.

What Are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Father Bob Hogan explains the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they can be used to impact others.

Being Baptized in the Holy Spirit

Dorothy shares her experience of being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Exploring the Roots of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

The 700 Club takes a look back at the 20th century beginnings of what would become the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

CBN News Showcase: The Charismatic Church

On this edition of CBN News Showcase, we will take a look at a Charismatic movement that began 50...

Christian World News - February 24, 2017

This week on Christian World News: Meet the first Muslim to accept Christ in the nation of Azerbaijan. Plus,...

How a Few College Kids Ignited a Worldwide Charismatic Movement

How a Few College Kids Ignited a Worldwide Charismatic Movement

Kentucky Coach John Calipari and the Biblical principle of servant leadership

Coach Cal is a charismatically generous man, who because of his faith, has given millions of dollars to change...

Radical Revival Falls on China's State-Controlled Churches

Scores of people are dancing, blowing shofars, and worshipping God. You might think these images come from a charismatic...

Pope Francis Makes Overtures to Charismatic Catholics

While some of the pope's biggest supporters are Hispanic, proud of the Catholic Church's first pope from Latin America, he's...

CBN NewsWatch: September 28, 2015

On CBN Newswatch, Sept. 28: Fourth blood moon: a blessing and a warning, Pope Francis makes overtures to Charismatic...

Lou Engle Expects Revival that Will Fill Stadiums

The Call co-founder Lou Engle says his expectations for coming years are higher than ever and he's asking the...

'Empowered 21' Movement Marks Pentecost in Israel

Thousands of Christians from all over the world came to Jerusalem as part of a movement called Empowered 21.

Week of Prayer 2014: Father Raniero Cantalamessa

Father Raniero Cantalamessa has been the Preacher for the Papal Household since 1980. On Wednesday he brought his message...

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