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'War Room' a Call to Do Battle on Your Knees

The latest faith-based film from brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick follows the turbulent marriage of a middle class couple...

Top Democrats Jumping Ship on Iran Nuclear Deal

Democratic support for the nuclear deal with Iran appears to be dwindling. Top New York Sen. Chuck Schumer announced...

Marriage Aftermath: Churches Prep for Coming Storm

The recent decision to legalize gay marriage has many religious leaders worried about potential lawsuits. Now some are adopting...

Female Pilots Spread Wings in the Name of Earhart

Female pilots celebrate the memory of Amelia Earheart by flying in the Air Race Classic, honoring tradition and showing...

Kerry Faces Bipartisan Skepticism over Iran Accord

Secretary of State John Kerry faced tough questions Tuesday from members of both parties in a hearing held by...

Clerk Prefers Jail to Issuing Licenses to Gay Couples

County Clerk Casey Davis insists he cannot be forced to do something that violates his religious beliefs.

Obama: Battle against ISIS Could Take Decades

President Barack Obama is proposing a new strategy in the fight against ISIS, saying the battle against the Islamic...

Becoming 'The Church against Sin, Not Just Homosexuality'

The Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage has church leaders grappling with how to respond to prevailing cultural views...

Near Tragedy Takes Family's Faith to New Heights

A Virginia pastor is counting his blessings after his family survived a frightening plane incident.

For Amelia Earhart Air Racers, the 'Sky is Home'

An all female air race kicked off to commemmorate Amelia Earhart's flight across the Atlantic ocean 87 years ago. Pilots...

David Inserra on America's Cyber Security

David Inserra of the Heritage Foundation specializes in homeland security issues, including cyber policy. He spoke with CBN's Charlene...

Gender Identity Curriculum Angers Parents in Virginia

The Fairfax County Public school board recently approved lessons about homosexuality and gender identity in its Family Life Education...

Why Latest US Cyberattack May Herald a New Era

The government is investigating an immense cyberattack that compromised millions of government personnel files. The breach may be just...

Watchdog Exposes Holes in TSA Terror Watch List

Transportation Security Administration officials failed to identify 73 workers with links to terrorism, according to a new report by...

Stunt Coordinator Rich Shaw on 'Beyond the Mask'

Stunt Coordinator Rich Shaw talks to CBN News' Charlene Aaron about the movie "Beyond the Mask."

Actor John Rhys-Davies on 'Beyond the Mask'

Actor John Rhys-Davies talks to CBN News' Charlene Aaron about the movie "Beyond the Mask."

Actor Charlie Newhart on 'Beyond the Mask'

Actor Charlie Newhart talks to CBN News' Charlene Aaron about the movie "Beyond the Mask."

Director Chad Burns on 'Beyond the Mask'

Director Chad Burns talks to CBN News' Charlene Aaron about the movie "Beyond the Mask."