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Bring It On-Line: Inheritance and Siblings

I recently received money through an inheritance. Before I share it between my 2 daughters, I would like to...

Obama Administration Deflects Blame in OPM Breach

Obama administration officials are deflecting blame for a massive breach of federal government computers that has seriously damaged national security.

'Secret Handshake' Asks 'What's It Take to Be a Man?'

This Father's Day you may want to check out the new movie "The Secret Handshake," a coming-of-age story that...

Healthcare's Antidote? Cash In on a Cash-Only Plan

As Americans are increasingly fed up with the insurance-based medical system, many are turning to what's known as concierge...

TSA Under Fire, Gohmert Calls to Scrap Screeners

The Senate Homeland Security Committee is examining the latest revelations of major security breaches at the Transportation Security Administration.

Box Office Slump for Family Friendliness

For a rainy weekend with the family, movie reviewers indicate it might be a good idea to stay in...

Like Father, Like Son: The Man Ted Cruz Calls 'Hero'

Sen. Ted Cruz's presidential campaign is marked by his signature fiery rhetoric. Could it be that he gets that...

Prof. Brad Jacob on Indiana's Religious Freedom Law

Is Indiana's religious freedom law simply a blank check to discriminate? Brad Jacob, associate professor at the Regent University...

License to Discriminate? Pence Seeks Law's Clarification

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence wants clarification that a new religious freedom law does not allow discrimination. He is calling...

Bring It On-Line: Social Security and Tithing

I am on Social Security, the only income I have. Do I have to give 10% of my check...

CBN NewsWatch: June 4, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, June 4: Why students don't have to check faith at door, Dallas in strong contention to...

Why Students Don't Have to Check Faith at Door

Why Students Don't Have to Check Faith at Door

Santorum Gives GOP a Blue Collar Reality Check

Former GOP Pennsylvania senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum says Republicans must appeal to blue collar voters or risk...

Santorum Gives GOP a Blue Collar Reality Check

Santorum Gives GOP a Blue Collar Reality Check

NHL Champion Checks Fear of Failure

NHL veteran and Stanley Cup Champion Matt Cullen talks about his evolving faith and overcoming his fear of failure...

Police Investigate $600,000 Stolen from Osteen's Church

Police Investigate $600,000 Stolen from Osteen's Church

Bring It On-Line: First Fruits

My youngest child - thirty years old - just told us that he is transgender, a male-to-female. As Christians,...

New Year’s Day Chapel Highlights

Check out highlights from CBN’s staff chapel and hear Pat Robertson's thoughts on 2014.