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Releasing the Painful Memories of Childhood

Grace's childhood was a mess of drugs, gang activity and the death of her sister. She learned to cope...

Making a Living From Anger

Mitch tried to escape the pain of childhood abuse, but drugs, alcohol, and fighting didn't make it disappear. Then...

700 Club Interactive - August 11, 2017

Popular author and speaker Lisa Harper never married but always wanted a child; her life is forever changed when...

How a Smiling God Brings Joy to Wounded World

Author and speaker Lisa Harper shares how her life is forever changed by adopting a dying child from Haiti.

700 Club Interactive - August 8, 2017

Abused as a child, a woman explores witchcraft and the goth culture hoping to control her life, instead of...

The "Good Child" Hits the Party Scene?

Kammy thought she would find love and acceptance through partying, but soon found herself with no one to turn to.

700 Club Interactive - August 2, 2017

An unborn baby's brain was outside her body and doctors told the parents to abort, see why they chose...

Ivanka Trump Pushes Paid Maternity Leave, but Should Taxpayers Foot the Bill?

Ivanka Trump Pushes Paid Maternity Leave, but Should Taxpayers Foot the Bill?

700 Club Interactive - July 27, 2017

A couple was looking forward to the birth of their child when the soon-to-be mom suffered a stroke....

700 Club Interactive - July 26, 2017

A family’s faith is tested after a drowned child faces death.

The 700 Club - July 21, 2017

While Bert swam through icy waters to find help, Dennis prayed as he clung to the capsized fishing boat....

Mentoring Others With the Love of a Father

Elementary school principal Hayward Jean shares how he became a father-figure after his own father abandoned him as a child.

His Students Call Him "Dad"

Award-winning school principal Hayward Jean shares how he made the best of a painful childhood.

700 Club Interactive - July 19, 2017

ABC News anchor Byron Pitts discusses overcoming difficult childhood circumstances and his desire to help young people do the same.

Helping Kids Overcome Difficult Circumstances

ABC News anchor Byron Pitts shares how he overcame a difficult childhood and now devotes himself to helping those...

The 700 Club - July 18, 2017

ABC News Anchor Byron Pitts shares his story of overcoming hardship after being “functionally illiterate” as a child. Then,...

Overcoming Hardship with Hope

Emmy-winning reporter Byron Pitts discusses his faith, overcoming a difficult childhood, and helping young people overcome overwhelming odds.

Miracle Pregnancy after Two Miscarriages

Even after two miscarriages, Mike and Melissa believed God would give them a child. They made an appointment with...