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China's Women Shortage Fuels Trafficking

Three decades after the controversial one-child policy, millions of men cannot find spouses. Some families even rely on human...

Countryside Revival

Even though it is forbidden for Chinese Christians to share the gospel in their country, CBN News has obtained...

Christian World News: May 27, 2011

On this week's Christian World News: Rising food prices affecting the world, Christians arrested during a crackdown in Iran,...

Attention Students: Hepatitis Outbreak!

Attention Students: Hepatitis Outbreak!

An Unthinkable Loss

Mrs. Wang lost her husband to kidney failure. Now her son was dying from a hole in his...

The Dog Goes Woof!

The Dog Goes Woof!

Young Couples Seek Girls ‘Made in China’

For decades Chinese families preferred baby boys to baby girls. But shifts in China's economy and family attitudes have...

Christian World News: May 13, 2011

On this week’s Christian World News: A bold call for religious freedom in China, how radio broadcasts are spreading...

News Channel Morning Edition: May 6, 2011

Watch the May 6 edition of CBN News Channel's Morning News with Charlene Israel and Heather Sells. Top Stories...

News Channel Morning Edition: April 21, 2011

Watch the April 21 edition of CBN News Channel's Morning News with Charlene Israel and Efrem Graham. Top Stories...

This Week in WorldReach: March 14, 2011

Some churches in Hong Kong and China are using episodes of the 700 Club Hong Kong as teaching tools.

Fashion Xiang China

CBN and Operation Blessing help a Chinese girl achieve her dream of designing clothes.

The Three Gifts

Stomach aches were a daily occurrence for A Ji. See the three gifts A Ji received through Operation Blessing...

Heart Surgery for a Suffering Child

When little Yutong’s heart was failing, her parents had no way to help her. See how you provided Yutong...

Ending China’s Abuses

Ending China’s Abuses

A Widow's Corn Harvest

Operation Blessing provided seed, fertilizer and training for a small village, which dramatically changed the lives of everyone in it.


For decades, Christians in China faced arrest, torture and death for their faith. Today, Chinese Christians are getting bolder...

Why the West Won't Hear about Christian Persecution

The persecution of millions of Christians around the world is one topic the American public doesn't hear much about.