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CBN NewsWatch: March 4, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, March 4: States move to fight 'designer babies' trend; Cardinals begin process of choosing new pope;...

Cardinals Begin Process of Choosing New Pope

Cardinals Begin Process of Choosing New Pope

Forced to Choose: Food, Shelter or Medication

Russell, a man committed to his family. He cared for his elderly mother but could barely survive the financial...

Pro-life Plate Ruled Unconstitutional

Pro-life Plate Ruled Unconstitutional

CBN Film Reaps Harvest in Central America

CBN Film Reaps Harvest in Central America

CBN Global Update: October 29 2012

CBN Costa Rica’s film, “I Choose the Street,” is bringing people to Christ.

Radio Host Delilah: Choosing to Forgive

Author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Delilah shares her story of success and faith.

Bring It On: Free Will

What good is it for us to have free will if we will go to Hell if we choose...

Two Deaf Children and an Impossible Choice

When a brother and sister are both born deaf to a poor family, how can their father choose which...

Forgiving Yourself After Choosing Abortion

After being part of the decision to abort his child, Maurice Huff struggles to forgive himself.

700 Club Interactive: Choosing Life Against the Doctor's Orders - Aug. 24, 2012

Join us at 700 Club Interactive as we hear the miraculous story of Ryun's baby, a child who was...

Andy Thompson: Choosing a Godly Wife

Pastor and author Andy Thompson will discuss how choosing a wife is a good thing and will share how...

The 700 Club - July 18, 2012

Kristi Watts continues her 'A Voice of Hope' Christian singles series with a look at leadership in a relationship...

America's Crossroads: Free Enterprise or European Socialism?

Arthur Brooks warns that America must choose between continuing down a path toward a European-style, big-government -- or renew...

Social Media Café: U.S. President or American Idol?

First President Obama, now Mitt Romney. It seems like everyone is singing to voters these days. Are...

Bring It On: Pray with Passion

How can I work past my hurt? How can I pray with passion? Can we choose our friends?

Bring It On: Spousal Arguments

We’re married. How can we stop arguing? How do I stay dead to sin? How do I choose the...

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman Choose to See

Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife open up about their public and their private grief after the loss of...