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Jerusalem Dateline:

On this week’s Jerusalem Dateline: Should Jerusalem become the capital of the future Palestinian state or will it remain...

Jerusalem Dateline: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Chris Mitchell examines the impact of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt, including how ordinary Israelis view...

Jerusalem Dateline: The Effect of Egypt's Election

CBN News Mideast Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell takes a look at the possible impact Egypt's presidential election outcome can...

Jerusalem Dateline: Europe's Anti-Semitism

CBN News Mideast Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell takes a look at the Jewish school shooting in France that's raising...

Chris Mitchell Pal Standup

Chris Mitchell Pal Standup

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell and Erick Stakelbeck

Chris Mitchell and Erick Stakelbeck

Chris Mitchell Phoner

Chris Mitchell Phoner

Chris Mitchell Iview 23Nov11

Chris Mitchell Iview 23Nov11

Pope's Holy Land Visit: A Bridge to Peace?

Pope Benedict makes his first visit to Israel and the Middle East. Chris Mitchell has a preview of the...

Record Numbers of Tourists Visit Israel

Tourism in the Holy Land is up 42% from last year and 2010 is expected to be a record...

Religious War?

Israel is rich in history, with some places revered by Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Now, Palestinians are outraged over...

Olmert Attempts to Justify ‘Realignment Plan'

Chris Mitchell reports on Ehud Olmert's “realignment plan", a proposal to remove Jews from most of the West Bank...

Tears for a Divided Jerusalem?

Chris Mitchell looks at why dividing Jerusalem may be the ultimate obstacle on the roadmap to peace.

The Fight for Jerusalem

Chris Mitchell reports on the spiritual and historical significance of the recapture of Jerusalem.

The Global Impact of the Six Day War

The Six Day War certainly changed the landscape of the Middle East, but the impact of the war reached...

CBN: Israel's Friend to the End

This piece is a look at the long history and relationship between CBN and Israel.

Jewish Feasts: The Roots of Christianity

Chris Mitchell reports on why the Jewish feasts are important to Christians.