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Digital Revolution Eradicating Bible Poverty Wordwide

Digital Revolution Eradicating Bible Poverty Wordwide

From Genesis to Revelation: Artist Unveils Mural of the Bible

From Genesis to Revelation: Artist Unveils Mural of the Bible

Chinese Gov't Turns to Surprising Source for Help with Lonely Seniors

Chinese Gov't Turns to Surprising Source for Help with Lonely Seniors

Homesick, Abandoned Refugees in Need of Support

Christian and Yazidi refugees from northern Iraq fled the brutality of ISIS when the Jihad army took over their...

Death Valley's 'Superbloom' a Reminder of God's Majesty

Something remarkable is happening in California: a "super bloom" in Death Valley.

Iranian-Backed Militia Committing 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Iraqi Christians

Iranian-backed militias are forcing Christians out of Baghdad.

Christian World News - February 19, 2016

At a time in American history when five slaves weren't allowed to gather together one black pioneer preached to...

Christian World News - February 12, 2016

This week on Christian World News: Hundreds of people are being baptized. and thousands are coming out to worship...

How Much Does Your Congressman Really Care about Religious Freedom?

Many members of Congress say they fight for religious freedom, but when it comes to voting, they're not always...

Could These Young Victims of War Change Syria’s Future?

Hundreds of thousands of children refugees face a discouraging future, with no education available and no opportunities. But one...

China Senior Pastor Detained for Opposing Removal of Crosses

China has detained the senior pastor of the country's first mega-church. Pastor Joseph Gu has been an outspoken critic...

Exclusive Report Shows It's a Dangerous Time to Be a Christian

Global conflicts and terror movements made 2015 the worst year for religious persecution in modern history. Extremism is expanding,...

Asia Bibi Forgives Persecutors from Pakistani Prison

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi is forgiving her persecutors, even though they sent her to prison on charges of blasphemy.

Families Torn Apart: Syrian Refugees Face Daunting Challenges in America

Since the crisis began, 2,000 Syrians have entered the U.S. Many refugees, several having had their families torn apart, arrive facing...

Accepting Muslim Refugees: American Charity over National Safety?

America may be a land of immigrants and the most charitable nation on Earth, but when it comes to...

Why Christmas? How Holiday Loneliness Points a Deeper Longing

During the holiday season, we are inundated with commercials that promote a version of Christmas that a lot of...

Evil Abuse Leads One Women to Rescue Haiti's Boys

In a poverty-stricken nation, this ministry's "tap tap" taxi offers a way for abandoned and abused street boys to...

The Late 'Billy Graham of Egypt' Leaves Indelible Legacy

While the world lost many well-known celebrities in 2015, perhaps less recognized was the passing of Menes Abdul Noor,...