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Bishop's Urgent Plea to Prevent Christian Annihilation

As war and persecution in the Middle East threaten the existence of ancient Christian communities, a prominent church leader...

AL House OKs 'Freedom of Religion in Marriage' Bill

Alabama's House of Representatives has approved the Freedom of Religion in Marriage Act, that seeks to protect individuals from...

Paralyzed Woman Walks Again!

After a drunk driver hit her car, Delia was paralyzed from the waist down. Twenty-two years after the accident,...

Saved at a Rave

A young disc jockey searches for answers after two people close to him die. One night while DJ’ing...


Spoken word performance by Kirby Anthony, pastor at R5 Church in Charlotte, NC.

Hip-Hop Artist Urges Young People to 'Rise Up'

Popular culture often suggests young people wait until they get older to get serious. But hip-hop artist Trip Lee...

Liberia Weeks from Being Declared Ebola-Free

Liberia is just weeks away from being declared Ebola-free, nearly a year after the deadly outbreak began.

S. Korean Church Marks 35 Years of Early Prayer

If you whine about waking up early for church, a congregation in South Korea might make you rethink those...

OK Bill Protects Clergy from Officiating Gay Marriages

Oklahoma lawmakers have approved a bill that gives church leaders the right to object to performing same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Digital Revolution Eradicating Bible Poverty Wordwide

For the first time in history, the means are available to make the Gospel available to the whole world....

City Under Fire for Requiring Church 'Business Licenses'

City Under Fire for Requiring Church 'Business Licenses'

Nigerian Kidnappers Release American Missionary

Nigerian Kidnappers Release American Missionary

Christian World News - March 6, 2015

This week on Christian World News: A special report about the crisis in Iraq. Since the ISIS army invaded...

The Watchman: Israel A Safe Haven for Middle East Christians - March 3, 2015

On this week's edition of The Watchman, we sit down with Father Gabriel Naddaf, head of the Greek Orthodox...

Charlotte City Council Votes Down LGBT Proposal

Charlotte City Council Votes Down LGBT Proposal

You #All In? Exec Challenges Authentic Christianity

You #All In? Exec Challenges Authentic Christianity

Bring It On-Line: Can you lose your salvation by sinning?

Will God continue to forgive you no matter how many times you sin? My niece and her boyfriend have...


Author Tom Doyle explains how ISIS’s war against Christians is not stopping the church from witnessing and spreading the Gospel.