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The 700 Club - May 10, 2017

How the modern city of Jerusalem is recreating the days of old. Then, a former homicide detective builds the...


The Bible refers to the many nation's that will come to the city of Jerusalem to worship the Lord....

The Watchman: The Battle Over Jerusalem - February 11, 2014

On this week’s edition of The Watchman, we analyze attempts by the international community—led by the Obama administration—to divide...


Snow is a rare sight in the Middle East. This winter, a major winter storm hit Israel for the...

Jerusalem Dateline - Dec. 6, 2013

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: international plans call for dividing the city of Jerusalem in the name of peace....

Israel Museum Debuts King Herod Exhibit

Israel Museum Debuts King Herod Exhibit

Expert Gives Proof of Jewish Sovereignty over Jerusalem

Expert Gives Proof of Jewish Sovereignty over Jerusalem

The Road to Jerusalem

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient road that Christian pilgrims traveled to visit the holy city.

Christians, Jews Pray for Jerusalem

With threats facing Jerusalem, Israel and Jews worldwide, several hundred Christians and Jews gathered in Jerusalem as part of...

Tears for a Divided Jerusalem?

Chris Mitchell looks at why dividing Jerusalem may be the ultimate obstacle on the roadmap to peace.

CBN: Israel's Friend to the End

This piece is a look at the long history and relationship between CBN and Israel.

Laying Claim to Jerusalem

For thousands of years, empires, countries and kings have fought over Jerusalem. Who will finally lay claim to the city?

Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem

This Sunday is called the day of prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. Thousands of churches around the world...

Jack Hayford: 'Rebuilding the Real You'

The founder of The King's College and Seminary and founding pastor of The Church on the Way discusses the...