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Lysa TerKeurst: Choosing The Best Yes

Author and founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa TerKeurst shares how women can control their schedules and make wise...

Craig and Christine West

Craig West from K-LOVE’s popular morning show talks about his struggle with depression.

Bring It On-Line: Past Mistakes

What is the best method that we, as followers of Christ, should try to do in order to get...

700 Club Canada: August 28, 2014

Watch the 700 Club Canada for August 28, 2014

700 Club Interactive: Reckless Devotion - August 27, 2014

What would cause someone to give up everything in life? According to evangelist Heidi Baker: Reckless Devotion.

Club 700 Hoy: Agosto 31, 2014 #477

Andrés Panasiuk, Fundador de Cultura Financiera, comparte con nosotros los 10 mandamientos de como vivir bien cuando las cosas...

Bobby Bowden’s Two Concerns for Florida State’s Title Defense

The college football coaching icon reminds us that it’s just a game. Bobby Bowden, coming soon to The 700 Club.

Heidi Baker Explains Her Reckless Devotion

Evangelist Heidi Baker shares what it means to be sold out for faith and explains the type of devotion...

CBN NewsWatch: August 27, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, Aug 27: Cousin says US Jihadi killed in Syria 'lost His way'; Hamas: ceasefire 'paves way...

How Britain Became a Global Exporter of Terrorism

British civilization has been a gift to the world. But the British elites don't care so much about their...

News on The 700 Club: August 27, 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club," Aug. 17: Hamas: ceasefire 'paves way to liberate Palestine'; Cousin says US Jihadi...

Bring It On-Line: Jury Duty

I have recently been called into jury duty and the forms say that you cannot be excused due to...

The 700 Club - August 27, 2014

Oakland Athletics prospect Billy Burns talks about the importance of his faith. Plus, Dawn receives a healing miracle after...

Unlikely Investors Bring Superbook to Ukraine

A group of young Ukrainian Christians attend a Superbook premiere and are then compelled to fund a Superbook event...

700 Club Canada: August 27, 2014

Watch the 700 Club Canada for August 27, 2014

700 Club Interactive: Ferguson, MO: Stop the Hate - August 27, 2014

A divided country sees a heartland city in flames. What can be done? And more importantly, how...

CBN NewsWatch: August 26, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, Aug 26: ISIS, Ukraine spotlight 'feckless' US foreign policy; Jimmy Carter to deadline Detroit Muslim convention;...

Finding Worth Beyond Beauty Pageants

Crowned Miss America in 2007, Lauren Nelson struggled with identity and purpose beyond being a beauty queen.