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Marriage on the Rock: Needs

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner share how the one thing everyone needs is encouragement. Be your spouse's biggest encourager!

Marriage on the Rock: Play

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner talk about the value of "playing" with your spouse. Turn-your-marriage-around-tip: Learn to...

Marriage on the Rock: Connection

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner discuss the importance of finding ways (like kissing!) to stay connected. Find a...

Marriage on the Rock: Change

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner explain why "getting past your past" is vital to a healthy marriage. Turn-your-marriage-around-tip:...

Marriage on the Rock: Forgiveness

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner share why they believe forgiveness is the greatest expression of love. Choose to...

700 Club Interactive: Undercover Boss - March 8, 2013

President and CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment Joel Manby shares about his experience on CBS's hit show "Undercover Boss."

Chicago's Answer to Gangs? Defend the Fatherless

The New Year brought Chicago its deadliest January in more than a decade, resulting in expanded police patrols. But...

Reggae Singer finds 'One Love'

In the 1980's Mark immersed himself in the pot and Rastafarian culture. After an encounter with Jesus, he turned...

CBN NewsWatch: March 7, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, March 7: President Obama signs ‘Violence Against Women Act’; Starbucks balks at NYC sugary drink ban;...

The Brody File: The Ugliest Word in Washington - March 7, 2013

This week’s show centers on the fallout from sequestration. Plus, we talk with one of the top Tea Party...

Damascus Countdown: Prophetic Novel Depicts Iran Showdown

Author Joel C. Rosenberg offers a fictional thriller ripped from future headlines where Israel launches a preemptive strike against...

Bring It On-Line: Trinity, Christ and God

Do you need to be a pastor to baptize someone? If God is all-powerful, why did he take six...

700 Club Canada: March 7, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for March 7, 2013.

The 700 Club - March 7, 2013

Baseball star Ben Zobrist shares about the pressures of a life lived in the spotlight. Plus, find out Tammie's...

700 Club Interactive: Fear Fascination with Ted Dekker - March 7, 2013

Best-selling author Ted Dekker talks about fear and our culture's fascination with being scared.

All-Star Couple on Overcoming Perfectionism

This Major League Baseball All-Star shares about the pressures of a life lived in the spotlight.

Freedom from a Sexually Abused Past

Tammie never dealt with the hurt of childhood sexual abuse and the emotional weight became overwhelming.

CBN NewsWatch: March 6, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, March 6: Dow's record rally sign of good things to come?, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez leaves...