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Bring It On-Line: Forgiving Others

Can you give me your opinion about "Preparedness/stocking up" on food and essentials for the tribulation? I work with...

CBN Global Update: March. 24, 2014

CBN’s Super Kids Club is reaching thousands of children in Cambodia with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The 700 Club - March 24, 2014

Son of NBA journeyman Jim Jackson, Traevon Jackson is making a name for himself on the University of Wisconsin...

700 Club Canada: March 24, 2014

Watch the 700 Club Canada for March 24, 2014

700 Club Interactive: Rewrite Your Life - March 24, 2014

Model-turned-writer Jennifer Strickland shares how she had to lose her value to find it.

Fighter Relies on God’s Grace Card

MMA fighter Patrick Hutton battled drug and alcohol addiction outside the cage until he relied on Jesus to be...

Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Son of NBA journeyman Jim Jackson, Treavon Jackson is making a name for himself on the University of Wisconsin...

God Gives a 3AM Wake-up Call

Stephen’s musical interests led him into a dark life of drug addiction, but a 3am encounter with God turned...

Club 700 Hoy: Marzo 23, 2014 #454

Sara Domínguez Beltz, Psicóloga, nos habla de la hiperactividad y el déficit de atención que afecta directamente la capacidad...

CBN NewsWatch: March 21, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, March 21: Women, children being 'killed openly' in CAR, Russia second most fled country in the...

Christian World News: March 21, 2014

This week on Christian World News: As Russia claims Crimea, eastern Ukraine is on the verge of chaos. See...

Bring It On-Line: Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit

Thank you for bringing very instructive testimonies through your network. I need clarification on the fruit of the spirit...

News on The 700 Club: March 21 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club" March 21: Malaysia official: jet search will be a 'long haul'; Companies embracing...

The 700 Club - March 21, 2014

A young woman’s prayers spark a miracle that brings water to a village in Kenya. Plus, NFL wide receiver...

700 Club Canada: March 21, 2014

Watch the 700 Club Canada for March 21, 2014

700 Club Interactive: Free from Shame - March 21, 2014

Where do you find freedom from your past? See what you can do to get free from shame.

From Jesus to Bieber, NY Pastor Makes Church Trendy

Every Sunday thousands flock to Hillsong Church in NYC, but it's not your typical, traditional church. It is complete...

Miracle Water!

The amazing story of a young woman’s prayers that led to miraculous water in a Kenyan village.