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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - April 2, 2018


News on The 700 Club: April 2, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” April 2.: Trade war escalates as China hits US with tariffs on $3...

CBN Global Update: April 2, 2018

CBN Ukraine celebrates a national award for its humanitarian efforts in country.

CBN NewsWatch: April 2, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 2 : The president is pushing back against what he calls "big drug and people...

700 Club Canada: April 2, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for April 2, 2018

700 Club Interactive - April 2, 2018

A mother finds “peace in chaos” while raising her son diagnosed with Asperger’s, bipolar disorder, and depression; Bethel Music’s...

The 700 Club - March 30, 2018

A 15-passenger van flips with a group of children inside. Watch an Easter miracle unfold. Plus, experts weigh in...

CBN News Showcase - March 31, 2018

CBN News Showcase - March 31, 2018

News on The 700 Club: March 30, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,”

The Global Lane - March 30, 2018

This Week: A compilation of some of our best segments from winter 2017-2018.

Christian World News - March 30, 2018

Evidence for the resurrection: How two atheists became Christians and strong defenders of the faith after examining the facts....

Jerusalem Dateline: 03/30/18 Passover to Resurrection to Persecuted for Christ

Turkey charges US pastor with spying, his friends plead for prayer; plus as Christians celebrate Easter cold case turns...

Mundo Cristiano: Marzo 30, 2018

Mundo Cristiano: Marzo 30, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: March 30, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, March 30: With tension between the United States and Russia, The UN Secretary General says it's...

700 Club Canada: March 30, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for March 30, 2018

700 Club Interactive - March 30, 2018

A dying 3-year old is miraculously healed on Easter; plus, a violent crime committed on Easter is forgiven exactly...

The 700 Club - March 29, 2018

An Iwo Jima hero who was awarded the Purple Heart and the Congressional Medal of Honor remembers his battles...

News on The 700 Club: March 29, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Mar 29.: North and South Korea announce historic summit; Cold-case investigator turns to...