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Rating Church? 'Secret Shoppers' Helping Pastors

It's a new wrinkle to an old concept: Pastors are using "mystery shopping" to evaluate and improve people's experiences...

Gangster Finds Forgiveness

Gang life leads to prison where Tommie meets his redeemer.

Overcoming the Odds

For Ablaye, the odds have always worked against him. Polio left him crippled. With few opportunities for...

CBN NewsWatch: August 19, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, Aug. 19: Egypt: We're saving the world from a terror organization; Santorum's taking America back through...

CBN Global Update: August 19, 2013

CBN’s Superbook is reaching more than a million viewers in the Philippines each week with God’s Word.

Bring It On-Line: Is it okay for a church group to attend happy hour?

Is it okay for a church group to attend happy hour every other Wednesday at a lounge or bar...

700 Club Interactive: On The Brink - August 19, 2013

See how one woman found joy again after failing an attempt at suicide.

Boy's Parents Murdered by His Grandfather

An incomprehensible family tragedy left Michael broken and flailing.

The 700 Club - August 19, 2013

An incomprehensible family tragedy left Michael broken and flailing after his parents were murdered by his grandfather. Plus, when...

700 Club Canada: August 19, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for August 19, 2013

Californians Fleeing 'Nanny State' for Texas

Stunning beauty and great weather haven't stopped some 3.5 million Californians from deserting the Golden State. One major reason:...

Christian World News: August 16, 2013

This week on Christian World News: Egypt moves on the Muslim Brotherhood, and its supporters respond with hellish fury...

700 Club Canada: August 16, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for August 16, 2013

The 700 Club - August 16, 2013

Billy rode the motorcycle gang lifestyle all the way to prison where his life transformed. Plus, Kerry was...

CBN NewsWatch: August 16, 2013

As seen on "Newswatch" Aug. 16: Day of Rage: Egypt Christians targeted by Islamists, Treasury Dept. fudging on national...

700 Club Interactive: Confessions of a Scholarship Winner - August 16, 2013

Kristina Ellis went from living below the poverty line to graduating from Vanderbilt University. And she did it without...

'The Butler' an Emotional Project for Star-Studded Cast

Fifty years after Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his iconic speech, the film "The Butler" is offering a rare...

The Brody File - Gay Marriage, Immigration Reform and Obamacare - Aug. 15, 2013

The Brody File goes one-on-one with Rick Santorum as he talks about the perils of gay marriage. Also, Marco...