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CBN NewsWatch: November 27, 2013

On CBN News Today, Nov. 27: Religious liberties at stake in birth control mandate challenge; Obamacare ads encouraging sexual...

700 Club Canada: Nov. 27, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for Nov. 27, 2013

CBN NewsWatch: November 29, 2013

On CBN News Today, Nov. 29: Special Duck Dynasty show; Duck Dynasty stars: faith, family keys to success; Duck...

CBN NewsWatch: November 28, 2013

On CBN News Today, Nov. 28: Special Thanksgiving show; Jamestown find upholds America's Christian heritage; American revivals: key to...

700 Club Interactive: Alan Robertson: The Other Brother - Nov.27, 2013

Hear from the other brother of the much-loved Duck Dynasty family.

The Thanksgiving Day Parade

A behind-the-scenes look at the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

First Thanksgiving: Pilgrims Grateful for Miracles

Everyone knows the Pilgrims held the first Thanksgiving feast in the New World. But what you may not know...

Giving Thanks for a Miracle Healing

A torn stomach muscle results in debilitating pain, but God has the cure.

Keeping Christmas About Christ

Lisa Robertson, author of Making Christmas About Christ: A 4 Week Advent Devotional, chats with Terry Meeuwsen about the...

Club 700 Hoy: Diciembre 1, 2013 #439

Juan Varela, Director Instituto Formación Familia, de España, nos habla de las cuatro facetas del hombre que, en...

CBN NewsWatch: November 26, 2013

On CBN News Today, Nov. 26: Winter storm wreaks havoc on holiday travel; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warns of...

Bill Wiese: What Happens When I Die?

Author Bill Wiese discusses the impact of near-death experiences on our faith and his new book tackles the age-old...

Bring It On-Line: "Soul Sleep"

So we go to Heaven when we die, right? How come Paul talks about us being "asleep" all the...

The 700 Club - Nov. 26, 2013

Author Bill Wiese discusses the impact of near-death experiences on our faith. Plus, learn how Ben Breedlove was able...

700 Club Canada: Nov. 26, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for Nov. 26, 2013

700 Club Interactive: Interpreting Your Dreams - Nov.26, 2013

Co-founder of Christian International Jane Hamon discusses how we can find the meaning within dreams and visions.

Will Jerusalem Be Divided Again?

Part of the U.S.-backed peace process seeks to split Jerusalem once again. But Israel maintains that a division is...

No Laughing Matter

Christian comedienne Chonda Pierce suffered from depression that temporarily took the laughter away.