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The Brody File: Salty in St. Louis - October 13, 2016

St. Louis is a beautiful city except during a presidential debate as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton turned it...

Agnostic Jew Becomes Joyful Christian

Internationally bestselling author, Andrew Klavan sits down with Scott Ross to discuss his transformation from agnostic Jew to faithful...

Bring It On-Line: - October 13, 2016

Why did God give Satan the power over the Earth? How can I give a 10% tithe away...

Living By A Standard of Grace, Not Perfection

Entrepreneur Emily Ley shares how she balances the drive for perfection while developing her multi-million dollar business.

The 700 Club - October 13, 2016

Entrepreneur Emily Ley tells how to choose grace, not perfection. Plus, a prison sentence leads to a prison ministry.

News on The 700 Club: October 13, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," October 13: Trump sexual assault allegations: more women come forward; 'Extremely dangerous' Hurricane...

CBN NewsWatch: October 13, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, October 13: Trump sexual assault allegations: more women come forward; Conservative leaders blast Clinton after staffer...

700 Club Canada: October 13, 2016

Watch the 700 Club Canada for October 13, 2016

700 Club Interactive - October 13, 2016

A mother’s faith is tested after losing her beloved daughter in the Sandy Hook shootings.

Trending Topics with Efrem Graham: October 13, 2016

CBN News anchor Efrem Graham discusses trending topics with 700 Club Interactive’s Gordon Robertson.

Studio 5: Laughing in the Dark

Studio 5 sits down with the most awarded female comedian in the country, Chonda Pierce. Hip hop artist KB...

Bring It On-Line: The Electoral College - October 12, 2016

Can you explain the electoral vote? How do you find the perfect church?

Praying For Your Needs: October 12, 2016

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for...

The 700 Club - October 12, 2016

Minnesota’s wide receiver Charles Johnson says what saved his life. Then, a broken neck, a desperate plea, and a...

CBN NewsWatch: October 12, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, October 12: A house divided: more evangelical leaders take a stand against Trump; Why Massachusetts churches...

700 Club Canada: October 12, 2016

Watch the 700 Club Canada for October 12, 2016

700 Club Interactive - October 12, 2016

A wife and mother of two, experienced a miraculous recovery after a life-threatening brain aneurysm.

The 700 Club - October 11, 2016

The borders are closed and the jungles are dense, but nothing is stopping these refugees from trying to get...