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700 Club Canada: January 11, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 11, 2013.

The 700 Club - January 11, 2013

Marriage experts and authors Philip & Holly Wagner share the secret to their matrimonial success. Plus, A childhood of...

700 Club Interactive: Living the Life of Faith - January 11, 2013

Join us at 700 Club Interactive as we take on the topic of trusting God and how we all...

The Power of Forgiving Your Abuser

A childhood of abuse is reversed into a loving relationship when a son is able to forgive his father...

Homeless to Hero: One Pastor Making History in India

Christians comprise a little more than two percent of India's population. But that has not stopped Pastor R. Abraham,...

Warning! America May Be Going the Way of France

Warning! America May Be Going the Way of France

Bring It On-Line: Pastor's Confession

My wife likes these dream catchers and hangs them in our house. They give me an uneasy feeling. Should...

News on The 700 Club: January 10, 2013

As seen on The 700 Club, Jan. 10: Biden meets with NRA on curbing gun violence; Breaking down the...

700 Club Canada: January 10, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 10, 2013.

The 700 Club - January 10, 2013

Lead singer of the rock group Creed shares about his journey to find a real relationship with God....

700 Club Interactive:God and Work - January 10, 2013

Author, speaker and founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church Tim Keller shares how each of us can find God...

Warning! America May Be Going the Way of France

France should be a warning to Americans who have just voted for four more years of big government spending.

Honduras: Operation Blessing Seeds Tamales Business

With her husband working out of town and making little money, Olga struggles to provide for their children. Operation...

News on The 700 Club: January 9, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" Jan. 9: Arrests continue in international child porn sting, National Cathedral to officiate...

Best Ways to Save Time and Money This Year

Best selling author Mary Hunt joins us to share tips on saving time and money.

Bring It On-Line: Life Purpose

What nutritional supplements do you use to loose weight? I want my father to spend more time with mom,...

Could String of Lawsuits Unravel Obamacare?

After the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare was constitutional, most thought the case against the law was settled. But a...

700 Club Canada: January 9, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 9, 2013.